V8 Review After the First Week

Started my electric unicycle journey this year with Ninebot One E+, which I consider a great wheel. I have not ridden any other wheel than that. I wanted to have second wheel, more range, more speed and integrated handle. I also did not want it to emit loud high pitch noise and did not want it to be to heavy.

From my internet research I had zero options… Then I heard about Inmotion V8 several weeks ago. The process of purchase was great. I ordered it one afternoon (4PM), it was sent next day early morning (got email of dispatch at 4AM). I was contacted by Jason with some starting up information, good service here, I recommend this WheelGo.com

I also recommend getting this particular wheel, yet you have to ask yourself – if you have different expectations, then maybe some other wheel would suit you better. For me – V8 seems like, well, created for me :). I wanted a wheel:
1. For commuting 10-12km one way, without having to recharge at work (to carry less things in backpack). V8 can do that.
2. With more range for more fun and more options. With E+ I sometimes needed to go taxi one way, and unicycle the other way because of not enough range for my needs. Now I’m able to go 34km (did 33.6km once with 5% battery left, going around 23-25kph).
3. With integrated handle, so that I can go inside a shop etc. V8 has it, I like it very much, checked in practice inside shop – it’s great. Oh, and also this button which stops the motor when you lift V8 up – I did not realize how much it can simplify my life, very good idea and implementation.
4. With more speed for more fun. I often felt (on E+) that I need just a little bit more speed. V8 has what I need and riding it feels really solid.
5. Not too heavy – V8 is around the same weight as E+. In practice it felt lighter, so I checked on weighing machine and it showed it’s really lighter (but I wouldn’t trust this machine much).
6. No high-pitch loud noise – V8 sound is really pleasant for my ears. I really appreciate LEDs (for me – the more the better :)). A friend told me the wheel looks like from Tron movie (on the predefined factory settings).

The driving is similar to E+, but pedals are a lot more stiffer (I use riding mode 0 on E+) and they also react totally different on turns. On E+ they dive in (firmware 1.3.5) on turns, here it’s the opposite, so I had some small learning to do. I think I prefer the riding mode of V8 and turns of E+, but on the other hand – I’m just accustomed to that feeling so cannot judge as of now.
I have nearly 3000km on E+ and nearly 300km on V8 and I believe that in the end I’ll simply like both types of behaviours :).

Oh, and I forgot about look: this wheel is simply beautiful :). After spending some time with V8, commuting, going to shops, having fun – my opinion about it is very very positive. Rafal, Poland