Very happy with my KS18XL

For me, the KS18XL was such a good choice. I had never ridden anything that you stand on. I decided to go with this wheel even not knowing if I would ever be able to ride it. I thought if I just couldn’t do it, I’d sell it for 25% less than I paid. I practiced every day, for a couple of weeks, until the day it finally clicked that I was going to figure this out. I bought this wheel nearly two months ago and I have ridden it over 600 miles now. It took a beating in the beginning. I love that I can ride for fifty miles without worrying about tiltback issues or warnings. I normally ride around 20 MPH or less. My four pound dog loves to ride with me. I ride about eight mph with her. I bought full body protection at a motorcycle gear shop for my faster rides. I have only splatted to the ground one time and that is when I was first learning. I love the bluetooth feature so I can listen to my music on my 15 to 20 mile rides. I am 71 years old and expect I will have no need to upgrade to another wheel unless they come out with a battery that will go 200 miles. I had no issues with the King Song app but it seems everybody complains about it. It sometimes does not connect on my daily rides but I use a bicycling app called MapMyRide instead. It connects 100% of the time. Even for a newbie, the 200 kilometers it takes to unlock the faster speeds seemed a bit excessive. I absolutely love this wheel.