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To be honest I was a bit skeptical on purchasing Inmotion v3S for my son who is 11yr. My son has been eyeing electric unicycle for a long, long time…the deal was he need to do all the research and pay for all of it! Truthfully I thought this was going to be a fad and he would want something else but I was wrong ! This past June he had worked hard and save every cent from chores, birthday , Christmas to buy a Inmotionv3S ! Of course I was concern about safety, product quality and durability and it was tough to make a big purchase online without testing the product…I decided to call ewheels to get all my questions answer. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason who was and still is so helpful, he answered all my questions and told me about the warranty etc. After another 2 weeks of asking Jason additional questions about all the Inmotions I finally pulled the trigger. The whole ordering process was seamless ….recived a tracking number and shipping was fast! Finally the Inmotion v3S arrived it was like Christmas Day at our house. Item arrived right on time and in perfect condition! I am amazed on the quality and craftsmanship of the InmotionV3S….this product is worth every penny! It took my son 10 minutes to feel comfortable riding the inmotionv3s….he has tried every surface to ride on….concrete sidewalks, grass, carpet, wood floors, dirt, gravel(sometimes tricky ) jumping off the curb and this machine has power ..runs the motor is so quiet! (Great power and control going up and down hills) The following features were a big plus for us…the double wheel made it a bit more stable for beginner users, the suitecase handle that lets you roll the Inmotion v3S when not in use (vs carrying it) and the blue tooth speakers are an added bonus and lights to turn on if using at night. My son uses the Inmotion evryday, it’s durable, powerful and holds a strong charge and in his words it’s super cool and fun! I like the feature that tells you you are going to fast …which you can turn off using the app. but since I have a bit of daredevil it will be staying on! Truly an amazing product by ewheels! You will not be disapponited big thank you to Jason for giving us superb customer service.! We are definitely a big fan fan of ewheels!