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Wonderful Scooter, Amazing customer service!

I have purchased the Lively Scooter and been using it for almost a month now, and I gotta say it’s the best traveling tool ever for short commutes. If you are like me lives near your work place that is a bit too short to drive but a bit too long to walk, this scooter will accompany you like no other. Also there wasn’t any learning curve to this thing, it’s hop on and go. The construction for the whole thing is very sturdy, many parts are made of metal, thus increased the weight, but it’s really stable on any kind of urban roads. The scooter is also a lot bigger than I thought, and is able to handle my around 210lb body. The customer support is also top notch. I had a problem after purchasing the scooter where the batter won’t charge to full after 3 week, and I contacted Jason and he instantly sent me a replacement charger. After receiving the charger I noticed that it fixed everything, I was able to charge the scooter to full battery again! So I really recommend to purchase e-scooter here, since it has nice build quality and good customer support! I added lights on the bottom of my scooter, now it’s so cool to look at when riding at night 🙂