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  • King Song S19 electric unicycle

The King Song S19 Electric Unicycle will make its premiere.

In our world of lithium-powered brushless wheels, the most recent King Song S19 electric unicycle is generating a buzz. The latest S19 will be a wheel to consider in 2023, as it will include some remarkable features and designs that will get you pumped for the 2023 riding season, as per our sources.

Few Updates:

King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - specs
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – specs

King Song Engineering Updates Below:

At the beginning of the design, we not only wanted to design a small-sized suspension unicycle but also wanted to make a suspension unicycle that takes into account various urban road conditions and enjoys a smooth riding experience; whether it is driving on the road or quietly placed there, All are beautifully designed. The simple shape and smooth lines are the keys to the design of S19, and we applied this concept to every part of the EUC body, redesigning, modeling, researching, developing, and making dozens of molds and tools. The BMS is the core of the S19.

It is perfectly integrated with the intelligent interconnection app, allowing you to quickly understand various health data and know it all the time, making the brilliant technology riding experience easier and more intimate. Considering the artistry that the appearance is in harmony with the urban riding environment, and at the same time under the balance of the limitations of technological hardware and design aesthetics, the body is equipped with 164 high-brightness colorful LED lamp beads, which can display the ups and downs of light and shade changes in real-time with the rhythm of the music.

King Song S19 Electric Unicycle

Like the Milky Way flowing on the fuselage, the elegant atmosphere plays for you. We listened to the riders’ voices, adding 2*15W custom-made large-size mid-bass units and 2*20W full-range tweeters to the S19 to make the high-level sound quality, shocking, natural, and full of energy. In terms of suspension experience, the position of each bearing has been carefully considered to maintain uniform smoothness and strengthen the sense of order in the design. 

Under the interpretation of the King song design team, the unicycle has life. S19 is what this product should have in our minds. This is not an occasional result of divergent thinking but the development of rigorous hardware and aesthetics; we hope that the product’s final form will be simple, restrained, and integrated into the environment. Yes, its riding experience can be very natural and easy to use. After 20 months of design and development, we have a deeper understanding of the sentence, “Simple is the ultimate complexity.

King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - lighting
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – lighting

Battery Pack

Using LG 50LT 21700 cell unit, with higher single-cell energy density and charge-discharge performance; Meticulous layout of batteries, flame retardant, and heat-conducting materials, and a high-performance BMS system to safely, efficiently control the charging and discharging of each battery; The one-piece aluminum alloy battery casing further strengthens the protection against extrusion and impact, increases the heat dissipation area, and ensures stable performance and durability.

  • 1776 Wh Battery Capacity
  • 88.8V Rated Voltage
  • 150 km Max. Mileage
  • 100.8V Max. Charging Voltage
  • 21700 5A
  • Battery Cell Charger Output Current
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - motor
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – motor

Smart BMS System

A new generation of BMS intelligent battery management system, with multiple functions to protect the safety of battery cells in an all-round way, efficiently control the charge and discharge of each battery cell, and bring four-dimensional upgrades in power, battery life, safety, and battery life; combined with intelligent APP, Safety is always online and ensures you a hearty journey.

  • Short circuit protection
  • Double protection from over-discharging
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Double protection from overcharging
  • Under voltage auto-sleep protection

Lighting System

Equipped with high-brightness headlights and integrated RGB lights, the color can be adjusted at will, the brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the speed, and the angle can be adjusted individually to protect riding in dark light.

  • 5W*6 Headlight
  • High-power headlights, long irradiation distance, safer riding.
  • Freely Adjust The Light Angle
  • Adjust the lighting angle according to the riding environment freely.
  • Automatic light-sensing headlights
  • The motherboard integrates a light sensor, which automatically turns the on and off the headlights according to the intensity of the external light.
  • The light intensity can be adjusted freely.
  • Combined with an intelligent APP, it freely adjusts the light intensity, which is suitable for different riding scenes.
  • When braking, the taillights will automatically light up to warn the vehicles behind, improving driving safety.
  • Integrated Taillight + Turn Signal
  • Eye-catching and bright, the light intensity is not dazzling, and riding safety is guaranteed.
  • Bright Brake Tail Lights
  • Turn on the strobe mode when braking to remind the vehicles behind at all times.

Colorful LED lamp beads surround the fuselage to form a galaxy-lighting effect; with the rhythm of the music, the ups and downs are displayed in real-time, and the light and dark changes, just like the galaxy flowing on the fuselage, and the elegant atmosphere plays for you.

  • 164 pcs Colorful LED Lamp Beads
  • The lights move with the sound and are dazzling; each color expresses each emotion.
  • Colorful Lighting Effects
  • Switch freely, break the boundaries of colors, and experience the ride of dreamy light and shadow.
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - lighting
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – lighting

Audio System

  • Upgraded 4-unit acoustic configuration, exquisite acoustic structure, and improved sound quality; Increased perception lighting effects, become the center of the roads.
  • 20W Full-range Tweeter – Shocking, natural, and a sense of energy.
  • 15W Large-size Custom Subwoofer – Incomparable low-frequency experience.
  • Loud Volume, Balanced Sound – Shocking sound pressure, with high-density pores, loud volume while retaining rich details.

Suspension System

The racing-grade X-shaped linkage suspension structure is adopted to improve driving stability and achieve strong support and a smooth linear suspension absorption experience. The elastic characteristics of the spring become nonlinear through the suspension connecting rod to design the ideal comfort that is soft for flat road riding and hard for extreme riding.

  • 130mm Suspension Travel – Suspension travel 130mm, spring travel 75mm.
  • DNM RCP 2S Suspension – 750lb adjustable spring suspension.
  • Adaptable to any Terrain – Tackle gravel, dirt, and asphalt roads.
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - connections
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – connections

Power System

Break the core layout of the traditional motor, innovate the hollow shaft structure, and combine with the customized bearing sealing ring to protect the use of the engine in harsh environments; The internal bracket is replaced with an aluminum alloy with lighter weight and better heat dissipation. At the same time, it is equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor the internal temperature in real-time; It also brought more substantial power and higher output, and an epoch-making motor was born!

  • 3500 W – Rated Power
  • 60 km/h Max. Speed – 160N.m Max. Torque
  • 6500 W Peak Power – 100 km/h Idle Speed
  • 40 degrees – Max. Gradeability

Charging System

2 x GX16-5 charge socket supports dual charging. The controller detects the charging parameters in real time and can quickly and actively cut off the power supply in the case of overcurrent, overvoltage, etc., to ensure charging safety.

Charger Specifications

  • Input AC 100-240 V
  • Output DC 100.8V 5A
  • Charging Time
  • 4~5h(5A charger)
  • Supports 10A fast charging
  • * Standard 5A charger included.
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - bms
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle – BMS

Controller System

Continuation of the modular motherboard design, integrating taillights, charging ports, switches, displays, and other accessories, the integrated design makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

  • Multiple cooling designs – The MOS tube is bonded to the magnesium alloy motherboard base, and multiple heat dissipation channels are added to the bottom of the motherboard base to expand the heat dissipation area and quickly dissipate heat
  • Real-time display of riding data – 32*32 dot matrix display integrating power, speed, fault code, and other information
  • The industry-leading 4-layer motherboard structure design is adopted. With a smaller size and lighter weight, it increases the flexibility of motherboard design and can better control differential impedance and single-ended impedance; at the same time, it improves oxidation resistance to ensure the quality and safety of the motherboard.
  • More vital anti-interference ability, more stable system work
  • Stronger overcurrent, more stable output power
  • Higher product integration

Anti-theft System

Intelligent security of the whole vehicle, abnormal movement detection and alarm, anti-theft is not afraid of losing any abnormal movement of the car, the notice will be reminded immediately, and the owner will be notified in time.

  • APP Control
  • Posture Sense
  • Disturbance Alarm
  • One Key Lock

King Song’s Latest S19 Electric Unicycle – April 9th Update

Even if not all of the information and features have been made public, what we do know is already enticing. The S19 will have a powerful motor, battery pack, controller, and suspension, allowing rapid acceleration and a sensuous off-road experience. This wheel might be a top contender for our catalog’s mid-to-high-range wheels!

EUC connoisseurs are anxiously awaiting the debut of the King Song S19. They are enthusiastic about discovering what this unique electric unicycle may offer, even though we do not yet have all the information. Additional information about the wheel will be tentatively provided on 04/09/2023.

Please return to our website, as we will keep you updated with the most recent information, features, and details regarding King Song.

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