eWheels Product Comparison Electric Unicycles & Scooters.

eWheels Product Comparison of  Inmotion, King Song, & Gotway Electric Unicycles & Scooters.

Nowhere else will you find as wide a selection & choice for Electric Unicycles as at eWheels.com.
From  May 2017, we now will be offering eWheels from all THREE major manufacturers Inmotion, King Song & Gotway. Available for the lowest price, dispatched & serviced from within the United States.

I’m new to Electric Wheels, which model is best for me?
That depends on a number of considerations, such as your weight, how far/fast you intend to ride, your budget & personal preference.
The single most important factor of the price of an Electric Wheel is its performance & range, as higher performance components & battery packs cost more money to make.
If you are under 200lb or don’t intended to push Wheel very hard, then a V3Pro or V5F/V5F+ is likely be suitable first choice. ALL Wheels have their limits, for you safety it’s important to not push the Wheel beyond what it’s capable of performing & choose one that matches your intended requirements.

How hard is it to learn to Use Electric Wheel? Is there something that I can buy & start using immediately?
Much depends on the individual: there are some people, without any previous experience, who can use, but this is exception. For the average person, who is reasonably fit & active, the recommendation is that the learning sessions are broken down into around 20 minute intervals spread out over a couple days. Given a little patience & practice, nearly everyone will be able to learn how to ride.

If you’re looking for something that you can start using immediately, or perhaps you feel that mastering this skill is beyond your reach, then consider either the Inmotion V3Pro of the L6 Electric Kickscooter. Both of these have practically no learning curve & are also great fun to use.

What other Consideration Should I be looking for beyond the Specifications?
Information like the Wheel diameter, battery size, & motor power provide some indication about how the Wheel will be like to ride; however, there are several other important characteristics that are not captured in a specification table.

  • Ergonomics: how comfortable is it to ride? When either starting out for the first time, or trying out a new Wheel, there is usually a transition phases, of getting familiar & comfortable with it. The difference between an ergonomic Wheel, & one that is not, is that as an experienced Rider you can continue ride for a longer duration with less of foot or leg soreness & cramping.
  • Response Mode: this is how the Wheel responds to your learn input (also referred to the ‘hardness’ settings). Some Wheels like the Solowheel are what many consider to be ‘very soft’, while the Inmotion models are the ‘hardest’ or most responsive; in the King Song & Gotway Apps you can control the response mode from ‘very soft’ to relatively responsive. The general consensus among experienced Riders seems to be that the more responsive the Wheel, the better.
  • Pedal Height: there are some eWheels that when you turn sharply, the edge of the pedal can scrape against the ground. In most circumstances it’s not more than an annoyance, but it can also pose a safety if you’ve never experienced this before. Inmotion’s eWheels are among the best in this respect, with the highest pedals & contoured edges, both make it practically impossible to scrape the pedals while turning. Gotway & King Song Wheels are both pretty good at making sharp turns.
  • Additional Features: all of the King Song eWheels are fitted with Bluetooth speakers, so too is the V3Pro. The retractable, or foldable handle, is found on all the Wheels except the Gotway ACM & Monster, but there are external bolt-on options available for these. All the Wheels that we sell have Smartphone App support, where you can change various ride characteristics & view speed/battery level information from.

I Bought an Entry Level Wheel to Learn With, but Now I want a Fast & Powerful Wheel. What Should I Get?
Both the King Song 16″/18″ and Gotway eWheels are all within this category. All can comfortable cruising at 19MPH or more & can sustain long >30 mile cruises.

There are some Electric Skateboards & Kick-Scooters that Claim up to 2000W of Power, is this True?
In short, no. The power output of a personal electric vehicle is governed by the capability of the battery pack, control-board & electric motor. With an Electric Unicycle the entire diameter of the Wheel is the motor, therefore it’s potential power is vastly greater than any tiny motor found in an eSkateboard. This quickly demonstrated in any head-to-head acceleration or uphill test.
One questionable method that some manufacturers use in quoting their power is the momentary maximum ‘peak’ that battery pack or control-board can deliver, but in practice, this is a meaningless number.

There is also generally a link between the price of a Wheel & the power/capacity of the battery pack. For under $600 you can acquire an excellent Wheel, such as the a130 or V3Pro. With a budget of between $600-$1,000, will get you a V5F (the V5F+ is the same Wheel but with a larger battery) or L6 scooter. Above $1,000 are the heavy weight Inmotion V8 & KS18″ Wheels.

Here are some other considerations when making a purchase:

  • Even with the best designed eWheel, chances are that at some point it will need a repair or service. If buying from abroad, the shipping costs & restrictions make after-sales servicing practically impossible. It’s best to buy your eWheel from a reseller who has local parts & services.
  • Many manufacturers greatly exaggerate the performance/range specifications of their products;  at eWheels, we put these claims to the test.
  • As a general rule, the range & power figures are directly connected. Look at either the Wh rating or type of batteries; if it’s above 240Wh, the available power/safety is typically at least double that of the low end eWheel. Our entry level IPS a130 has extremely powerful batteries that you will not find in any other entry level Wheel, custom made to our requirements.
  • More power = more safety.  There’s nothing worse than feeling the pedals give out while you’re riding!
  • The quality/type of batteries that are used are extremely important to the safety of your Wheel.  Simply having a battery from a large supplier like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung or LG is not enough to ensure a minimal level of performance from the Wheels; it’s the model of cell that matter most.  In most of our Wheels, we specifically source batteries which have up to three times the performance of many manufacturer preferred types.
  • Brand matters.  There are only a handful of established & mature manufacturers who have been making Electric Unicycles/eWheels for years. The brands we offer are widely considered to be the best available today.

Notes on the above diagram:

  1. Tested range figures represent a 165lb (75kg) rider around a smooth flat running track
  2. Speed is the attainable cruising speed of the eWheel, how fast you can go before the audible alarm is activated

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