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eWheels Rocks – happy Gotway MSX 84V buyer

As a newbie to the EUC world, I was blown away by the first video I saw of these amazing machines. The video that caught my attention was the very slick advertisement by Inmotion for their V10F. It was like WOW–is that thing real?! But so far I’ve never actually seen any EUC being ridden in real life, and I don’t know anyone up here who has every bought one. But these things definitely have the “cool factor” and seem ultra practical for moving around a small town or two and from a local airport or small boat harbor. Consequently, while I don’t ever see myself zooming down the highways or doing circles on the top of cliffs (video scene), nevertheless I was instantly in want of finding out more. With that video in my mind, I started a long search from every source I could find to find out everything I could learn about these things, their risks, the limitations, and where to get them. As part of that research I’ve watched just about every YouTube video I could find on electric unicycles, and ready hundreds of blogs and user comments along the way. And in that process of… Read more “eWheels Rocks – happy Gotway MSX 84V buyer”

John D

Was it worth it?

Let me say, there needs to be more awareness of this company and Jason, What a great company to deal with, The customer service from Jason is phenomenal, I called left a message after hours and he got right back to me and together he figured out my phones font size problem, ( would have never figured this 1 out). And he guided me along with some advice helping to unlock my kingsong 16s, I have nothing to compare to, however I bought this particular machine , because of the high quality, low maintenance of the kingsong product, it was in my budget range with the great discounts I received, I was able to purchase the quick charger also, this has been a great experiance so far, yes I’ve crashed, and yes it hurt, but I was guided to the proper safety gear , and for once, I acted like an adult, This machine and it’s TRUE power are nothing to kid yourself about, Its It’s seriously, a piece of technology that’s quite incredible and powerful, I respect Kingsongs limitations to the speeds on the 1 wheel, I think it’s like 31mph on the big 1? Sometimes it’s not always… Read more “Was it worth it?”

John french
York, Pa. I'm 57 170lbs and 5-10 First time EUC owner

People make a great Company

Sure, the unit is great and a bunch of fun, but you already know all that so why repeat? The thing that sets this purchase apart from almost every other, is the people behind the website. Jason is great. Period. I love a company who offers overnight service and actually ships right away. I hate paying for overnight when there is a 3-5 day or more “handling” period. Why couldn’t I wait? Well, I did wait. Five weeks to be exact, but NOT from Jason, from some Jacka$$ on that “magic carpet” site who never delivered. I just got tried of waiting for a delivery because I trusted a BS tracking number. The unit is GREAT and eWheels is AWESOME.. I wish I had come here in the first place. Thank you Jason for the lightening fast service. I will be able to crack my skull a few days earlier now! Sweet!

Stewart B.
Tampa, FL "Almost at the max age limit"

Best customer service experience

This has been one of the best purchases and customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Jason is phenomenal when it comes to answering questions and making sure that you are a satisfied with your purchase. I’m confident that I’ll be buying from ewheels in the future.

Greg S
New to electric Unicycles

Best wheel from the best source

Learned EUC for the first time on a KS 14D and enjoyed casual riding on Inmotion V8 and GW Mten3 then upgraded directly to the kingSong KS 16x. In short this wheel collects the speed,range,comfort and handling adequate for beginners as well as for advance riders. Get this wheel…you won’t regret it. The pedals are…just butter and the trolley handle very comfortable. The night lights very safe and beautiful. The 3” tyre eats the ground. I believe this wheel is close to perfection and if you are looking for the best source second to none is eWheels Inc. Mr. Jason McNeil will offer an excellent customer service and answer your emails in most professional way. Jason always had effective technical answers for all my questions and the deliveries were very reasonable. In short, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and so far the quality of the wheels I purchased from eWheels sustained as told and presented.

Joe Bejar
Miami Florida

Great Experience

Hi Folks, I recently purchased a Dualtron Spider Limited from Jason and the eWheels team. It’s been a first class and experience from the initial inquiry. The product and support are both excellent. Thank you eWheels! Daryl

Daryl Graves
Hoboken, NJ

Very happy with my KS18XL

For me, the KS18XL was such a good choice. I had never ridden anything that you stand on. I decided to go with this wheel even not knowing if I would ever be able to ride it. I thought if I just couldn’t do it, I’d sell it for 25% less than I paid. I practiced every day, for a couple of weeks, until the day it finally clicked that I was going to figure this out. I bought this wheel nearly two months ago and I have ridden it over 600 miles now. It took a beating in the beginning. I love that I can ride for fifty miles without worrying about tiltback issues or warnings. I normally ride around 20 MPH or less. My four pound dog loves to ride with me. I ride about eight mph with her. I bought full body protection at a motorcycle gear shop for my faster rides. I have only splatted to the ground one time and that is when I was first learning. I love the bluetooth feature so I can listen to my music on my 15 to 20 mile rides. I am 71 years old and expect I will… Read more “Very happy with my KS18XL”

Steve Fulks
Oklahoma City

Love my KS18s !!! The king of distance cruising !!

Hi everyone I’m a newbie to ECUs .Did my research and got a KS18s.If you are looking for a comfy distance wheel this is your baby! I’m 5’5” 175 lbs. I am getting 80 miles on the wheel per charge going between 15-17 mph. I like a long ride and have had a few 50-70 mile days .I also like the ability to sit and relax my feet as I keep moving down the road.I have mostly been riding bike trails in my area.I have a little over 400 miles on my wheel so far and I am so impressed with this machine,it brings a smile to my face every time I ride!! Thanks Jason and ewheels for the seamless process of researching,purchasing and receiving my wheel !!!

Merrick Dienoff
Mixtrix-Fairlawn Ohio

Turbo wheel dart 9

Purchasing the turbo wheel dart 9 was the best decision I have ever made. At first I was skeptical however after just five days of learning to ride my life has felt much more lively. Before purchasing the turbo wheel dart 9 I spent most of my days inside the house due to lack of energy and health conditions complications, but now I am able to go places without having to worry of long distant walking and exerting my reserved energy. Thank you ewheels for this amazing item and for giving me back a life again. I now spend more time with my boyfriend as he rides along side with me on his Inmotion and we conquer several parks, piers, beaches and much more places in a shorter time. This has been extremely helpful to me as well as a blessing. I hope that your products can bring the life back to many as it did for me for those who are unable to live due to their medical conditions as well This also has been helpful for my father of 75 years of age Thank you

Darshini R
Brooklyn, New York

turbowheel dart 9

Purchasing the turbo wheel dart 9 was the best decision I have ever made. At first I was skeptical however after just five days of learning to ride my life has felt much more lively. Before purchasing the turbo wheel dart 9 I spent most of my days inside the house due to lack of energy and health conditions complications, but now I am able to go places without having to worry of long distant walking and exerting my reserved energy. Thank you ewheels for this amazing item and for giving me back a life again. I now spend more time with my boyfriend as he rides along side with me on his Inmotion and we conquer several parks, piers, beaches and much more places in a shorter time. This has been extremely helpful to me as well as a blessing. I hope that your products can bring the life back to many who are unable to live due to their medical conditions as well Thank you

Darshini D
Brooklyn, New York

Absolutely fantastic service

This review is on a GotWay Nikola 84V 1600w, and not the monster, there is no heading for the nikola yet. This review is from a newcomer’s perspective, since I’ve only been riding 4 weeks now. Never had I been on a unicycle electric or otherwise. I purchased couple segway minis for my kids and then decided to get a unicycle. Got the NB s1 and outgrew it pretty quickly for normal riding, not tricks and acrobatics, too old for that. I researched a lot between king song and gotway and who to buy from. Didn’t want to buy direct from manufacturers or alibaba etc since post sales service is important to me. After a lot of research I contacted Jason at wheels via several emails, asking all the questions that a newcomer has. He always returned my emails very quickly. Since I just couldn’t decide on which wheel I ended up buying the nikola and reserve a ks 16x. Jason always kept me informed of the status of the order and provided tracking details. Now on to the nikola 84v from a beginners point of view: I am very comfortable on the smaller 14” S1, within 4 weeks I… Read more “Absolutely fantastic service”

Ray Rokni
WV USA. 58 years old. I started riding euc in July 2019. Started on ninebot s1. 165lb 5’10”.

Addicted to EUC

I debated between an MSX and the KS 18XL for a long time. I finally went for the KS 18XL because all reviews said that it was more nimble than the MSX. That I still don’t know, I have yet to ride an MSX. The downside of the Kingsong is its app; a real pain in the but. This is where I was glad to have bought it from ewheels. Jason and Will, especially Will, came to my rescue and got it figured out. Mind you, it took quite a bit of manipulating. As for the wheel, it seems that I’m a speed junky and the Kingsong steps (10km @ 20kmh, then 200km @ 40kmh) were unnecessarily annoying. Now that its speed is unlocked to 50kmh, this is more like it; I can now comfortably cruise between 45 and 49kmh without the burden of tiltback or the obnoxious beeps. This is a solid wheel and its range is awesome; it seems to go on forever on a single charge. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going; it will take back. This was an important consideration in my decision. All in all, I’m pleased with my purchase; but mostly… Read more “Addicted to EUC”

Benoit Launier
I'm in British Columbia Canada, and 68 year old. Got a Ninebot One and loved it until its axle broke. Just had to get another wheel.

love the 16s

this wheel is amazing i use mostly for fun and fun it is. rode it all day on the fourth smooth power full and for some reason i get great range 35 miles per ride to 25 % and for me thats almost 2 hours of riding yea 2 hours of riding. i’ve had it for a four months and have only charged it three times . along with all the other electric;s i have, its just a blast im so glad i chose this as the first wheel, i will be buying more in the near term its just so much fun and bring out the juniors is also a blast . thanks e wheels

Santiago Vasquez
older than most in boston area

Beginner’s Review

In April I purchased my first wheel which is a King Song 18XL. Being a beginner I don’t believe I can give the most intuitive review because I have nothing to compare to. What i can say is I’m addicted! Ever since i learned to ride this wheel i want to ride everyday! This is great! The order process was awesome, Jason or ewheels keep me informed throughout the shopping of my KS 18XL. Thanks! PS: My wheel wasn’t in the “ewheel Reviewed” section.


Thanks for the upgrade

I recently purchased a kingsong18XL from wheels, which was a huge upgrade from the Kingsong18A, I purchased years ago from another dealer. Ewheels customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced by far. I had so many questions and Jason always answered them right away. My wheel arrived packed tightly and everything was better than I could’ve ever expected. I have already put 60 miles on it within 3 days. I love my wheel and would recommend this company to everyone. Thanks again for all your help.

Rodney Lucas
I'm a serious rider.

I bought the larger KingSong pedal. I still suck, but I do it in comfort.

I’m reviewing the new, larger KingSong pedals. I purchased my ks16s from another supplier. The motherboard had a malfunction a month after I purchased it and the supplier and manufacturer worked with me to get a new motherboard without me having to pay for anything but shipping. So; I suck. In my defense, I lost two to three months to the motherboard issue. It took me a month to learn to stand upright on my ks16s. I still can’t balance side-to-side. I ultimately mimicked SoloWheel’s brush-training-wheel idea. By drilling through the original pedals into my modded industrial brushes, I was able to balance left-to-right and learn to stand on the machine. Even with that aid, my feet grew so TIRED!!!!!!!! My feet became super fatigued. I just tried my wheel with the new pedals and I can tell, my feet won’t get tired. I have size nine feet, which are pretty small for a guy that is 6’2″, but, even with small feet, they would cramp up or just become exhausted after five minutes of practice. These new pedals are a DREAM!!!!!!!!!


Just wanted to highlight a great service from Jason @ewheels. Very fast replies, answered all my doubts, and shipped very fast via FedEx. Excellent support, tracking of my order and my 7 year old is having a blast with this new Kingsong 14D. Thanks for an excellent service and look forward to buy more products from your website!!!!!


N00b approved

Wheel reviewed is actually the KS-18L. I picked this wheel up after watching many Youtube videos, and finding that my Boosted board just didn’t have enough range for my liking. This is my first EUC, and the only one I’ve ever ridden, so I really have no basis for comparison. Learning to ride went pretty much as expected, and once I picked it up, I am able to ride comfortably for 10 miles or more at a time. I expect that the upgraded, larger pedals that I just installed will be even better, but it will be several months before I can get out again due to the cold, snowy weather around here. I chose the KS-18L for King Song’s better reputation on build quality, and in the 300 miles or so I’ve ridden so far, I have no complaints. Everything just works as it should. I am satisfied with the wheel’s performance, range, and handling. I thought a bigger, heavier wheel might be problematic to learn on, but that has not been the case for me. Having said that, I do plan to pick up something in the 14″ range (or maybe 10″ if I go with an MTen3)… Read more “N00b approved”

Bret Wallace
First time EUC rider in the frozen tundra

Pioneering Company in Recreational Electric Mobility

I have put hated several products from eWheels that include both a KS 18L and an XL. I received valuable support from Jason when my older wheels malfunctioned even though eWheels was not the original dealer. I have had a wonderful experience everytime I have made a purchase. Jason has demonstrated his commitment to the EUC community by tirelessly advocating for improvements essential to advancing performance, safety and comfort. He is largely responsible for overcoming manufacturer inertia and indifference to idea of larger foot platforms for greater comfort and wheel control. Who would have thought simple foot platforms could be considered a revolutionary advancement. Well, in the EUC world they are, and Jason is our hero. I appreciate Jason greatly because I know that if there was no eWheels support I probably would have quit riding some time ago.

Lutalo Madzimoyo
Washington, DC

Inmotion L6 eScooter is fantastic!

After riding many other types of scooters, I can confidently say this one is well worth the money. In terms of an enjoyable ride, I appreciate the bounce in the suspension. The battery life lasts much longer than 6 miles a day on flat terrain. I am truly happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this scooter.

Alex Jackson
Riding in Oakland

The future is now, and apparently has been for some years…

NOTE: Entire post is more or less the testimonial of a total newb. The actual product reviewed is the KS-18XL, and the actual review of the product is down below the dotted break. A month or so back, a buddy and I made one of our frequent trips from Houston to the beautiful West Texas Hill Country on a brief camping/mountain bike excursion. Per our usual routine, we pit stopped in Austin (San Antonio when we visit southern Hill Country). While the rental e-scooter craze hit the Austin landscape last spring, I hadn’t made the discovery until this trip, as part of our pit stop took us near both Congress and 6th Street. I took one for a quick spin and immediately saw the benefit potential of owning my own e-scooter as a last-mile commuter option in Houston’s non-pedestrian inner loop landscape. In my Google research to get my scooter, I made note of a handful of EUCs that popped up here and there, but didn’t give them much notice other than a simple, “Oh, those things are still around?” …remembering seeing Segway’s original product years ago – it’s limited ability and huge price tag – I more or less… Read more “The future is now, and apparently has been for some years…”

W Houston, Geoscience Technician, avid Mountain Biker

Trusted and dependable service!

Ty. eWheels. What a great company to purchase from. The entire process was awesome and thoughtful on Jason’s part. From researching before you buy to customer service after the sale you get fast and helpful information from this company. Every question I asked was returned promptly. I think that Jason is building an awesome company that I trust. I will let everyone that I run into know where to go for their electric vehicle needs. I really can’t say enough how great the customer service was. I thank eWheels for helping me be part of the EU community. Vince S

Vince Sikorski
First EU. Portland Or.

Nice wheel, awful app.

Hi. I purchased my Kingsong 16s a couple of months ago. It has been a new learning experience indeed. It took me about a month to become quite proficient riding the one wheeled EUC. I am now planning on purchasing the larger Kingsong 18L. The downside to this EUC was the app. It was and still is awful. It took me at least a couple frustrating hours and several phone calls to Jason, at ewheels, to get it working. I have now switched to Apples iOS phone platform and I cannot get the Kingsong app to work. My alternative was the Darkness Bot app. This has worked fine so far with my Ks16s. Overall, great first wheel and I would definitely recommend it anyone who may be thinking of getting into EUCs. Byron.

Byron Ellison
Virginia. New to EUC.

Great buying experience, fast shipping!

This is a review on the IPS i5. This is my first electric unicycle and I love it. It is very light compare to other wheels. I am 5′ 10″ and 160lb and the speed I get from the i5 is perfect for me since I use it mostly on college campus with a lot of people walking around me. When I go to the class room I don’t have a problem carrying it around in my back pack since it is only 15lb. I am happy that I bought it from eWheels they have great customer service and answer questions fast.

Hans Hernandez
Saint Louis Missouri

Forgot that you have your legs!!!

I bought my wheel and learn how to drive in a week. Feel very proud of my self. Why I bought v8? Because it’s safety and it’s quality. I love the INMOTION App for lots of futures. Like a pedal angle adjustment, that is make my decision to buy V8 as well. It’s gives me lots of fun. FEELS LIKE FLYING LOW OVER THE GROUND.

Ruslan Dadashov
Bellevue Washington

Excellent customer service

Jason now and Joey also have both given me excellent customer service at EWheels. I normally ride a ks16s but I needed access to something to train my nephew’s with and play on vacation. Jason hooked me up with a used ks14d and got it to me the day after I arrived. Played on it a couple days and noticed an air leak near the stem when inflating. Jason said he send a new tube for free by USPS since I just got the wheel. While I was putting slime in the tube it popped the stem completely lose from the tube. I emailed Jason and said I’d pay the FedEx next day air on the tube. He set up the purchase and I paid the shipping. Basically the wheel was down less than 24 hours do to his service. It’s things like this and prompt replies to my questions why I will recommend and buy from EWheels. Thanks Karl

Karl F. Vorwerk
Acrobatic coach

I love electric unicycle

Bought this wheel from Jason, he made the shopping fast and easy! I’m a big guy 6’8 almost 230 lbs and this wheel moves me good! The wheel is made great, it has taken some serious tumbles and just keeps working… Only downside is with my size the range is significantly decreased. I get about 6-7 miles at full speed Riding. For my first “leaner” wheel it’s is awesome! I highly recommend this product! I can’t wait to buy more!

Sean Stuckey
Southern Arizona

InMotion- Playing the Hits again on a new V10F

Inmotion V10 Playing their own cover songs again In 2005 I saw sir Paul McCartney with my father and two brothers at an auditorium concert in St Louis. After Sir Paul finished with his new CD songs, he played some Beatles covers in honor of John Lennons birthday. He even broke out the old Gibson bass he used to play. He was a bit stunned when he heard boos for the Detroit red wings Logo on the guitar body in St Louis Blues territory, but he more than made up for it by singing the reliably loved Beatles songs. The sound from his new band was amazing, as was his voice and piano playing. It was updated Beatles and the crowd loved it. This is the same feeling you will get from the new V10 if you are an Inmotion or briefly a Solowheel fan. You will fall in love all over again. Its like the new Moxie; improved with all the good flavors you remember and none of that bitterness because they added a ton of sugar. It is dependably fun which is what Inmotion’s app and website have always stood for. Now that Inmotion and Solowheel are merely… Read more “InMotion- Playing the Hits again on a new V10F”

Stan Onymos
Los Angeles, www.unicycla.com , more miles on EUCs than on my Cars 2017-2018, blatherskite mensche

Fun for old farts

At the outset, let me state my age, I’m 72, not particularly fit and had no prior unicycle experience before getting my Glide 3 (same wheel as Inmotion V8) a couple of months ago. Dealing with the usual age related physical decline, not getting out much and bored. At this age I have time on my hands and no balance issues, it was time for some mischief. I recall seeing an EUC in New York a few years back, and encouraged by the many U-tube videos, decided to take the plunge and get the Glide 3, it was the wheel best suited for me. Things I particularly like about this wheel are ground clearance, adequate speed (for me), power and lightweight(‘ish) with sufficient range (I’m not interested in standing on this for much more than an hour at a time). Learning to ride was a bit harder than expected, but enjoyable, with no injuries. Particularly for an old fart it’s a bit intimidating, I would not ride without protection. Riding demands constant attention to balance and conditions, but the wheel can be rapidly slowed in the presence of a hazard so you can jump off if without harm. I practiced… Read more “Fun for old farts”

Norman Canham
Newtown PA

What a Scooter

Have had my Speedway Mini IV Pro for over a week. I just took it out of box made some settings changes and was off on my way. I am using 80% power gear 2 only and 50% regeneration on the braking. The scooter has a load of power. I have been riding it to/from my train which is 1.5 miles away one way. I finally ran it under 40 volts (the LCD readout flashes oh so bright) at 15 mph. I am finally charging it for the first time. Here are the use stats: Rode 20 miles, Battery power was reading 46% at 15 mph and 4o volts. I am carrying 20 lbs of stuff in my backpack and I am pushing the upper limit of the weight spectrum. I run up one hill both ways at ~6% grade and it has keep up with my set speed. I ride at 18 MPH both ways using cruise control and Love that feature. Scooter also fits nicely under certain seats on the train so it is safe and out of the way of peoples feet. Since I can get a bit early to the train I use the scooter as… Read more “What a Scooter”

Silicon Valley

Mini 4 Pro

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro meets my expectations and more. I live in central Cincinnati Ohio, (a very hilly area), and rode this scooter 25 miles on one charge. I weight 175 lbs. Wow. It is hard to believe the power and energy density of these batteries until you ride it yourself!

Karl Rosenberg

Best. Wheel. Ever. Must buy from ewheels!

Jason was extremely pleasant to work with it as he had helped me along the way. I received the item well within the expected delivery date and well packaged. I’ve had the KS16s for 2 months now and below are some of my thoughts from someone that’s been riding since 2011. Also my weight is 195 lbs and I ride everyday through rain / snow in NYC averaging about 16 miles per week. SPEED: Not much to say other than awesome! It definitely does go over 20 mph but I cannot safely sustain that speed (yet). Also it’s not that good to go that fast as it’s nice to leave the machine some power in-case you hit an unexpected bump. CONTROL: Coming from a Nintebot E+ this machine is a huge improvement. There is a BIG difference in how both operate under high psi (50+). My Ninebot is very rigid and hard to tilt while the KS16s is still tiltable even when riding at ample speed. I’mt not sure if it’s a bit higher than the Ninebot but so far I haven’t scratched the bottom of the pedals on turns that I used to with the Ninebot. BATTERY LIFE: I… Read more “Best. Wheel. Ever. Must buy from ewheels!”

Julius Plaras
Developer at S'well, father of 2, and an ewheel rider since 2011.


My soon to be 11 year old saved his money (we were making him pay for half of whatever he chose). for an electric transportation…. his friends had hoverboards and electric skateboards.. so we went through a very lengthy research and YouTube watching binge for quite a long time!! He decided on the KingSong 14D and absolutely LOVES it! Picked it up after two hours! He held my left arm and we went up and down street, then switched to holding my right arm. Soon enough he was going by himself while I jogged beside him till he mastered it! We have a steep driveway that he did great on! He even wheeled off road a bit and over sticks I placed on road – just so he could see how easy it was and didn’t have to fear it. My son mostly usually had riden his bike and a push scooter… skateboard once in awhile, but was still able to master this quickly! I do suggest shin guards over the calves… we took an old pair and cut the feet out then turned them to cover near calf where it hits the device…. he won’t need these long, probably… Read more “Son LOVES KS14D!”

Denise McKeown
Mom - half financer of sons KS14D:)

Fierce Commuter

I called Jason on multiple occasions about my wheel needs and finally settled on the 16S. I was riding a Inmotion V5F+ but found the wheel too limiting for my 5+ mile commute. Jason recommended the 16S for its range, stability and reliability. I’ve had the wheel for a couple months now and I must say it’s been AWESOME. I comfortably cruise to work and back, beating my old commute time in a car. The bonus is all the startled responses I get from school children as I roll by their schools. I swear they think I’m a superhero. THANKS JASON for your knowledge and patience to help me choose the right wheel.


Just wanted to write a quick initial review as I used these reviewsand other info on the web and YOUTUBE to decide what and where I will purchase my EUC. I bought a 14D from Jason and I love it. Since this is my first EUC I have nothing to compare it to but I am very Happy… I have purchased a 16S as well and thinking about getting a 14S also… 2 things I want to comment on, 1st is I had a small problem with my 14D which I told to Jason, he took care of it for me quickly and all is good. This is extremely important to me as me and electronics don’t get along very well at times… The 2nd thing is I LOVE the 14 size wheel actually more than the 16 for my “most fun to throw around” ride. For those considering the 14 size wheel I must recommend from a personal standpoint to consider getting the “S” with the bigger battery. In hind-sight if I knew I was going to enjoy this as much as I am, and spend most days riding around between an hour and 2, the design of the… Read more “14D”

Having all the fun I expected to have with my KS14D

So my first exposure to the EUC was as I walked out of a hotel just before Thanksgiving 2017 in Paris. I had my head in my phone, it was dark, the commuter walk behind my hotel was crowded with commuters scurrying for their trains to get home and suddenly I look up and there is a guy flying by me on something that has cool LED’s. By the time I focused on him he was long gone in the crowd. So I camped outside the subway station and sure enough 10 minutes later another guy walked up the stairs, puts down his foot pegs and goes zooming by me. I was ready with my camera and went off to dinner to research my christmas present to myself. I started doing research and I came across e-wheels, I have to admit I was skeptical at first and was hesitant to hit enter on the order for my KS14D. I was totally wrong, ewheels has been great, Jason is super responsive and before I knew it my wheel arrived. Unfortunately winter in Cincinnati has proven difficult to practice but I got out 3-4 times in my pool parking lot (fence and… Read more “Having all the fun I expected to have with my KS14D”

John S Quimby
West Chester, OH, 52 private pilot, nerd for things with motors

Best EUC for anyone of any riding level

This is a testimonial/review for KS 18A 1680Wh 1200W Motor (was unable to select above). LOCATION & WEATHER : I’ve had much experience with this wheel in different locations, mostly in Ithaca NY and Boston MA area. I regularly ride this in mild uphill & downhill, occasionally on very steep hills as well, considering my location. I am so glad my wheel never failed me once in occasions in which I needed extra power. I ride this wheel as my daily commute within my campus, and also had used as a main vehicle to ride around all of the Great Boston area (Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Allston MA). So yes, the riding range and the power is incredibly satisfying. Also, I’ve ridden my wheel in rain and snow (considering my location), both uphill and downhill in that weather. I tend to go slower and safer in icy floors, but generally ride with so much satisfaction. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MUD FLAP. I currently don’t have it, and my backpack is currently soaked with mud. RIDING TIME & A/S: I’ve owned my unicycle for about a year now. After about 6 months, my inner tube broke and I had to ship… Read more “Best EUC for anyone of any riding level”

Jee Won Yang
Jee from Ithaca, NY. Used to be an absolute beginner when I first purchased KS18A

Learning Strategy

I’m a sailboat cruiser. We have a 38′ Beneteau that we enjoying cruising in New England in the summer. We use folding bikes as ‘port runners’ that we move ashore by dinghy when we anchor out off a destination port. Last summer we encountered our first e-wheel rider and were very impressed with his speed, talent, distance and effortless control. He was a small plane pilot who put his EUC behind his seat to use to get around after landing. We talked a while, and became convinced of the utility of the machine for port running. So for Christmas we got an Inmotion V-3 Pro as a trial wheel. We have 5 young adult kids that we wanted to enjoy the wheel during their short visit, without putting everyone on a near lethal learning curve. Everyone, including my 61 year old self, my slightly younger wife (tact is the essence of self preservation) daughter and 4 sons were up and riding the V-3 within 10 minutes of initial effort. The V-3 Pro is a great beginner wheel, that delivered the promised speed, range and climbing capability. There is nothing ‘beginner’ about its performance, but the tandem wheels make it much… Read more “Learning Strategy”

Art Corbett
Northern Virginia, DC Area

Just what I needed

I came across these EUC things on YouTube about a year ago and couldn’t get them out of my mind. Finally bought one in Nov. 2017; KingSong 16s. Definitely nervous about such a large $ purchase on something that might prove to be nothing more than a novelty (or a complete disaster). I went for it anyway. I needed something to get me out of the house, that didn’t’ require me to go someplace else to use it, give me a sense of of adventure, exhilaration and dare I say put a smile on my face. The KingSong 16s has exceeded my expectations. I’ve also enjoyed the learning curve – a sense of genuine accomplishment in the real world where tactile and physical forces are the name of the game. There’s nothing like spending the 1st several hours doing nothing but crashing every few feet to wobbling along for a few yards, then finally being able to cautiously make it down the street. I’ve since logged over 100 miles and now I’m feeling like a super hero flying around town, up and down hills, on and off of sidewalks, and taking sharper and sharper turns with ease and precision. Recently… Read more “Just what I needed”

46 years old, 200 lbs, East of Seattle

Ft Lauderdale Florida EUC Rider

For the past couple of years I have been riding a Ninebot C+. As a present to myself I decided to look at purchasing a new EUC. After doing some research I felt the best new EUC for me would be the KingSong 16S. And you know what? I love my new KingSong 16S! The best part is eWheels was great about processing and shipping my order expeditiously. Jason, from eWheels, sent me a message after I submitted my order and clearly explained the process and how I could easily prep my EUC for my first ride. I simply ordered one day and received it in less than a week. Throughout the delivery process I was able to track my package and I always knew where it was located – up until I received it. My recommendation, get yourself a KingSong 16S and order from eWheels. The eWheels website has a handy comparison buyer’s guide and the staff is friendly and helpful. Happy riding fellow EUCers!

Mark Copeland
Two+ years EUC rider. I've ridden throughout Europe (mostly France) and parts of the U.S. (primarily east coast - Washington DC, South Carolina, Florida).

Pulled the trigger, glad I did!

When you read the boards, there’s a reason Jason gets so much positive press. Because he delivers on all accounts: answering pre-sale questions, amazing transaction turnaround time, post-sale questions included as well! I had been lurking many, many sites, and watched countless hours of videos, wanting to get a wheel. Unfortunately, at 210 lbs, a lightly powered wheel just wasn’t gonna cut it. The Tesla brand, while enticing for the all out performance, just doesn’t carry the same reliability numbers as King Song does. Jason took a couple of chat sessions with me to guide me toward a couple of choices, before I ended up on the 16S. It hasn’t disappointed. I had tried a known re-seller of Gotway on the giant China mall website, but experienced some difficulties in meeting the whole sales experience. Also, with Jason here in the States, I feel even that much better about possible after-sales requirements (knock on wood, just normal wear and tear). The wheel is amazing. I was up and riding within 20 minutes. Not without some scratches, but that is part of the learning process, and with the 1200W motor and King Song reliability, I felt very confident that the problems… Read more “Pulled the trigger, glad I did!”

Ross Niswanger
Texas, Dad, Grad Student

Great purchase experience, fast shipping

What a beastly wheel. Youtube videos don’t really convey the size and especially the weight of these wheels. I was leaning towards the Gotway Tesla but am glad I went with this. I haven’t even come close to full speed on this thing and don’t really have a desire to go too much faster. It is a beefy, well built wheel. No buyer’s remorse yet, Only downside is bruised calves but that is a right of passage of euc newbies. Also laid the wheel down and scratched it within the first hour but that comes with the territory. The ordering process was quick and painless. I ordered late in the evening on Monday and was riding around on it by Wednesday. Packaging was good and it came with a couple freebees (bumper pads and wrist guards, much appreciated). Buy some 3M double sided tape though since the included tape with the bumpers isn’t very good. Would purchase from Jason again.

Fun, but takes practice.

I have had my V3 for about 3 months now. I am having a lot of fun with it, but it has not been as easy to learn to ride as the youtube videos of all these young millennials make it look like it is. First off, Jason at eWheels is great to deal with. He is always very responsive to questions. Secondly, if you are a middle aged plus person like me, expect to take a little longer to master this thing than a few hours… unless of course you grew up skateboarding or roller blading and have a really good sense of balance. Thirdly, because the V3 has 2 wheels it is fairly stable going in a straight line, but it is a little more challenging to make sharper turns, and also more challenging to go across an inclined surface since the only way to keep both wheels in contact with the ground going across and incline (not up or down but across) is to have the v3 leaning perpendicular to the pavement, but when you are going across an incline that means that you are leaning with the hill grade which can then make you lose your… Read more “Fun, but takes practice.”

John Stennfeld
54 year old, quite active, former college tennis player, kayaker from Austin, TX

If I can ride one, so can you!

First off let me say I’m 63 years old and have been looking at these wheels for over a year on YouTube. I heard Jason’s name mentioned on a video and decided to give him a call. I was looking at a cheaper wheel to learn on and he recommended the KingSong 14D, I hesitated because it was a couple hundred dollars more, but decided to take his advice and I’m glad I did! This thing is top quality and the travel handle is perfect. The nice thing about it is I won’t grow out of it in a few weeks. I’m already riding all over my neighborhood and if I want to get more speed, I can unlock the speed limiter! Trust me, if your like me and just starting out the KingSong 14D is the one! Thank you Jason!

John Arnold
I'm a semi retired DJ and Voicer-over guy from Cincinnati Ohio

Great Purchase Experience

I purchased my first EUC in September this year from Jason at eWheels. The purchase experience could not have been better, the Wheel arrived promptly as ordered in perfect condition, and Jason sent some very helpful emails with all the information that I needed to get up and running right away. I spent a few hours over the course of three days in a large parking garage where I could lean against the walls and pillars to get my confidence up on the Wheel and was cruising around the parking garage unassisted (although a little shaky) on the third day, probably put in about four to five hours of work over the course of the three days to feel fairly confident in cruising around the parking garage. I have had the wheel a little over three weeks now and have logged about 160 miles on mostly wide bike paths and neighborhood roads. I could not be happier with my purchase experience and the King Song 16S model – – it has the power to handle my 6’2″ 225# frame with no problem. I have ridden up a two mile 6 – 7% grade hill near my home and the wheel… Read more “Great Purchase Experience”

John Patterson
Centennial Colorado - - I own a full size Segway i2, the King Song 16S that I purchased from eWheels is my first EUC

Wonderful Scooter, Amazing customer service!

I have purchased the Lively Scooter and been using it for almost a month now, and I gotta say it’s the best traveling tool ever for short commutes. If you are like me lives near your work place that is a bit too short to drive but a bit too long to walk, this scooter will accompany you like no other. Also there wasn’t any learning curve to this thing, it’s hop on and go. The construction for the whole thing is very sturdy, many parts are made of metal, thus increased the weight, but it’s really stable on any kind of urban roads. The scooter is also a lot bigger than I thought, and is able to handle my around 210lb body. The customer support is also top notch. I had a problem after purchasing the scooter where the batter won’t charge to full after 3 week, and I contacted Jason and he instantly sent me a replacement charger. After receiving the charger I noticed that it fixed everything, I was able to charge the scooter to full battery again! So I really recommend to purchase e-scooter here, since it has nice build quality and good customer support! I… Read more “Wonderful Scooter, Amazing customer service!”

Shaowei Jiang
Purchased InMotion Lively Scooter

Kingsong KS18s is a beast!

The KS18 is a great wheel. Its longer case takes a little getting use to, but is very stable and absorbs bumps in the road nicely. I purchased the biggest battery and I can say that this thing goes forever. At 6’3″, I’m still not getting the hang of the seated ride,but my children have no problem at all riding on the seat. For an 18 in. wheel, the pedal hardness is outstanding. It is very responsive at accelerating and breaking. It climbs hills very well. The automating headlights and break lights are a key feature. Speakers are a great feature as well. If you take longer rides, I highly recommend this wheel. Jason at ewheels is the best. I have no reason to shop anywhere else. I will be buying more wheels from him.

Matt Franklin
Southern California

KS16s replaced my Gotway ACM

After owning an Inmotion V8, Gotway ACM, Msuper v3, and KS14c, I decided to purchase the KS16s and KS18s. After hearing about some Gotway quality/safety issues, I went with Kingsong. My children ride my wheels and needed something that I felt was safer. I really love this wheel! Nice torque and plenty of power and speed for my needs. I love the round shape and well thought out trolley handle. I’m 6’3″ and the trolley works well and is at a good height. The 16″ wheel is my favorite sized wheel and the 16s didn’t let me down. I have size 12 shoe and the foot plates are a good size. All around great wheel! Well worth it. Jason at ewheels is the greatest. I will be buying more wheels from him.

Matt Franklin
Southern California

Great service, great product

I actually purchased a V5F, not a V5F+, but that one isn’t in the dropdown menu. Anyways, this thing has been great, rolling up and down hills in Seattle and Pittsburgh with ease. Sidewalks in Pittsburgh are particularly bad, but the V5F rolls over all the cracks and bumps just fine. I had an issue with my wheel at first, but it turned out that I just needed to pump the tire a bit. eWheels customer support responded ridiculously fast and resolved the issue. They’re great!

Benjamin Chen
college student

MSuper V3s — A Powerhouse!

High performance electric unicycles are at the cutting edge of personal transportation. It was only 3 months ago that I even became aware that these things existed! However, after binging on YouTube videos displaying the awesome capabilities of these one-wheeled wonders, I knew I had to try it for myself. I wanted a wheel with a powerful motor, high battery capacity, and larger wheel diameter (for stability). A wheel with a more powerful motor is not only faster. The self-balancing function of the wheel depends on the motor’s ability to accelerate, keeping the wheel underneath you. When the motor can no longer keep up, the result is a short trip to the pavement. Plus, I’m a self-diagnosed adrenaline junkie, I want a FAST wheel! Weighing all these factors, it came down to a choice between the KingSong KS18 or the Gotway MSuper v3S. The tiebreaker for me was aesthetic, I liked the more compact shell of the MSuper versus the taller KS18. I’ve had the MSuper now for about 3 weeks and it has been a blast learning and improving and testing the limits of this awesome machine. Learning to mount the wheel and keep balance took me 3 practice… Read more “MSuper V3s — A Powerhouse!”

6'0, 175 lbs, South Florida

Wow! Just, wow.

I have been holding off until I could write a more comprehensive review. Now that I have finally broken 700 miles (according to Wheel Log) I think its time. This is for the 1600 Wh version. The first thing I noticed when I switched to the MSupser (MS) from the MCMv4 was the inertia of the much heavier wheel. I initially had problems making the thing turn if I got up over about 12mph. I also found it VERY hard to whip low speed turns, like when angling to hop onto or off of a curb. I got a little frustrated in the first week or so because I was having so many issues riding the MS after spending a few months becoming a proficient rider on my 14″ MCM “training wheel.” After forcing myself to power through, reasoning that it took me about a week to even be able to stay on the MCM when I very first picked up this hobby, the feeling of unwieldiness started fading. At this point, I can whip the MS around just like I could my MCM. Now when I take the MCM out, it feels like Im ice-skating, if that makes any… Read more “Wow! Just, wow.”

6'1", ~180 lbs. This seems to be the most pertinent information.

Great Customer Service!

Jason at eWheels has shown me excellent customer service. He kept communication constant and clear after I ordered my Gotway ACM and let me know to expect the wheel to arrive in only 2 days (even with free shipping!). Even better, when I needed to order new inner tubes for my wheel, Jason saw that I was a return customer and refunded me the entire cost of shipping. Thanks for the great customer service!

Riding Gotway ACM 16 inch 1300 Wh

GotWay MSuper V3s+

Jason was very helpful in helping me choose between the options I had selected as viable for what I was looking for. I got the wheel after it was re-flashed to correct the issues that this model had in the past, and for the last three weeks have been spending what free time I have (about 15 minutes a day, 2 hours a day for the last couple days) learning to ride it. If you are a light weight person like me (140 pounds), be aware that the MSuper V3s+, at 50 pounds and with such a powerful motor, can be challenging to control at first, so a leash on it is highly recommended. I wish I had taken the advice to use one from the beginning, because I scratched and messed it up pretty bad before I started using one. Also be aware that the trolley handle for this particular wheel is not shaped to your hand. It is shaped to maintain the curve of the wheel’s body, which makes it something less than comfortable to use for long periods of time. But the wheel… wow. It’s been a blast to learn to ride, and if you push yourself… Read more “GotWay MSuper V3s+”

Shannon Matteson
Port St. Lucie, FL

IPS 132 after 3 days of using

The customer service of wheelgo.com is just incredible. After paying for order late in the evening I got already in a couple of hours the confirmation from parcelhero about posting my order 🙂 Jason is doing a great job, almost too good to believe 🙂 I have never used unicycle before. I’m 48 years old and my youngest son is 11 years old. After 2 days of trainings I and my son can use my new unicycle (without bumbers and belts and so on) onroad and offroad. IPS 132 is extremely reliable as described. It has no “bells and whistles” but it’s 100% joy to ride anywhere! Great thanks from Estonia!

Priit Kärsna
Estonia, EU (the chairman EU member at the moment), I have never used electric unicycle before

NYC Gotway MSuper V3s+

First and foremost – hats offf to Jason and ewheels for amazing customer service. I don’t come across many companies that offer the level of service and attention that he does. After discussing my needs with Jason, I upgraded to the Gotway MSuper V3s+ In the black matte color. I’m glad I did. If you are looking for more stability, speed and power- this is an amazing wheel. NYC streets can be a rough ride – this wheel allows you to ride them with performance and confidence. Exceptional pedals. If you are a skier like myself, the wider ride replicates the feeling of skiing and so I prefer that. If you are an iPhone user, note there is no official gotway app for this wheel (it got pulled from iTunes). Before riding this wheel, make sure to locate someone’s android (download the gotway app) and change the “child proof” settings to your liking. Personally speaking, I removed the tilt back and alarm settings. This wheel is a beast!

New York City

Gotway ACM s+ 1600wh

Before I get to the wheel, a few words about ewheels.com. This is my second purchase through ewheels.com and I am very satisfied with the level of service provided by this company. For this particular purchase, there have been a few stumbling blocks outside of this company’s control but ewheels.com always kept me informed about what was happening. This company has shown to be dedicated to going those few extra steps to ensure customer service. That being said, the wheel I purchased was the Gotway ACM s+ 1600wh, and provided along with it were the fast charger and trolley handle. The trolley handle is, frankly, not great. To install it involves drilling into the wheel at multiple points and you have to supply your own screws. Instead I ended up using a generic trolley handle that you can get for many electric unicyles on ebay attached by drilling only two holes and securing with zip ties. The app supplied by Gotway for the ACM is unpolished crap. The wheel itself is a squat, fat, heavy little piggy. I love it. Power, speed, battery life. Those are the chief reasons for owning and loving this wheel. The power this wheel has… Read more “Gotway ACM s+ 1600wh”

Alexandria, VA

InMotion InCredible InDeed !!

I am very happy that I ultimately went for the Inmotion electric scooter. I was split between this and the EcoReco M5 but went for this as I wanted bigger wheels. My previous experience with 5 inchers on a Swagger was a bit too “jerky” for my liking. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I received the product today but thanks to its awesome packaging, it made its way to me all the way from California to Nova Scotia in perfect condition. Soon after topping its batteries and the tire pressure, I took it for a ride around my area and boy, it was something more than I expected. It glided over the roads and the cracks on the pavement like it was nothing. Butter smooth. It was doing 25kmph with the bulk of my 95kgs without breaking a sweat. I rode all of 5 kms today at top speed and it still shows full charge. All that proves the product quality is top-notch. However, a product needs to be backed by a great service to really leave an impression and that is where Jason comes in. If there was one guy I would buy from again, it would… Read more “InMotion InCredible InDeed !!”

Sourav Tosh
Riding around Halifax, NS

Upgrading your wheel, mine is with the V8

Going to a larger EUC My Impressions on upgrading from a 14″ Inmotion V5F to 16″ V8 I got my Inmotion V5F , catchy name huh, on March 30th 2017 and it took me 3 months 2 weeks to put 1000 miles on it. It was an upgrade from a Ninebot one A1, which served as my learning machine. So 14″ wheels are all I have ever known. I love the portability and toyishness of the 14″ under 30lbs wheels. They prepare you to get bounced off by their very lack of mass and weight beneath your feet. I often wonder why I even need them to glide above the ground, and maybe they are just a crutch for this un-noticed skill I have had all along. Then I hit a hidden salad bowl sized pothole and wonder why I am running all of a sudden with my wheel skidding off to the side. They are fun! So when I decided to get more speed and distance I settled in on the 16″ Inmotion V8 for looks (really sleek even with the dizzy lights), the name (I am a car guy so V8), and the familiarity with the Inmotion ride.… Read more “Upgrading your wheel, mine is with the V8”

Bill Mahoney
Producer, car guy, Didactic polymath

250 miles later on a V5F

I’ve been commuting about 3 miles a day to work on the V5F for the last 2 months. I’ve been on roads, trails, and pavements, and have fallen multiple times. This was not my first wheel, but it only took me about 2 week to outgrow my Airwheel X3. The V5F came highly recommended from multiple sources, and for good reason. Firstly, whereas obtaining my Airwheel was an administrative nightmare filled with lots of messages being sent over the pacific ocean, buying the V5F from EWheels was smooth and quick. I was informed about exactly what to do with it (installing the app, and pumping the tires – there was a “getting started” guide, but I didn’t have to use it). The wheel itself handles superbly. My turning radius is essentially non-existent. Raised pedals mean I’ve never had my pedals scraping the road. It has no problems going up hills (disclaimer: I weigh about 140 pounds) and up and down small bumps. The padding on both ankles and calves makes riding pretty comfortable. The charging port is both easily accessible, and easily sealed away. The handle button at the top allows it to be easily lifted and transported around. It’s… Read more “250 miles later on a V5F”

Anthony Moh
Riding in Redmond, WA

Happy Newbie

I’m a new rider and am very happy with the wheel and dual charging setup that was provided by Jason at eWheels. So far I’ve got about 15 km on the Gotway Monster and it has been a great wheel for learning and doesn’t seem to struggle hauling around my 115 kg (which I’m sure some of the smaller wheels would). In any case, I’m looking forward to continuing to work with eWheels in the future for my electric unicycle needs.

John Bergener
new northern California rider


Awesome wheel got around 20 miles in on the first day. Ordered Friday reciwvwd Wednesday. The combination of fast shipping and great service makw ewhwwla.com the only choice qhen buying in the USA.

Michael Balius
Firar inmotion in Denver

This is awesome!

I was riding around for just a day and have already mastered it. I ran into a bit of trouble running it at low battery but Jason at ewheels was quick to explain the issue and got me back up and running in no time. Thanks for the help and amazing product. People just stop and watch me pass by. Some kids go to their parents and ask “what’s that?” Pointing as I fly by them. I love the feeling this gives me it’s like flying and the dual wheel makes it so stable. It’s coming naturally to me very quickly. And I can’t even describe how good the build quality is. it’s built to last.

Isaac leaman

Great Customer Service!

My two sons received these as Avery generous gift from there aunt. When one stopped working and had a flat tire on the first day my son was very upset. We expected to have to pay to get fixed and be inconvenient to get done. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Jason had FedEx tags out to us by email and it came back to us in less than a week at no charge to us. I also pestered Jason with emils over weekend in which he responded immediately and with a positive attitude. Many companies could take lessons from their customer service and they will definitely be getting any of our future business. Even my sons tell there friends and them y people that stop them when they are riding what a great company and where together them on line. We really appreciate the great service we received from eWheels and Jason.

Jim ider

ewheels saved me!

I ordered my first Inmotion V3Pro off of ebay (not here), in preparation for a vacation I was planning 2 months out. Shipping through UPS took 2 weeks, and when it arrived it was pushed late 4 days in row in delay at my local UPS office, then went “under investigation”. It has now been almost 6 weeks and is still “under investigation. Fortunately, the ebay seller sent me another on after the first 3 weeks, that took about 9 more days to arrive. That one arrived with a bad battery! Again, fortunately, the seller paid for return shipping and refunded my money (eventually). However that was a lot of time spent on this with one retailer. You can imagine dozens of emails, the seller shipping me a different color than I requested, not knowing why the thing was broken, spending hours just trying to figure out what was going on. So, after more than a month I wasn’t sure what to do. After Jason responded to my plea for help on a EUC forum with my battery issues I was having, I checked out his retail page. The next day he happened to be online on his website and… Read more “ewheels saved me!”

The Best scooter

I just got my Inmotion Lively scooter. It’s my first time using an electric scooter. So far I’m falling in love with it. Usually I walk around 30 mins to get to my bus stop to go to college but by using this I made it there in 6minutes. This scooter is going to make my life easier! I want to thanks Jason who helped me buying the scooter. He was patient with my questions and helped to get rid of my worries. I was surprised at how fast he would respond to my emails. THANK YOU. Ewheels is the the place to get the best electric scooter!

Seok joo Byun
Prove, Utah


At first, i was a little skeptical about www.ewheels.com but a little bit of experience and the wonderful customer support provided I was able to navigate and purchase one of their wonderful product which is the inmotion v5f which should reach me very soon because of their close affiliation with FedEx Good Job Ewheels.

Gary Heavens

Outstanding Service and Support

I like to comment here on the Inmotion V8 and the Customer Support: 1. V8: It has been pure joy using this high-tech device that is so simple to understand, ride, and enjoy. It flies up the steep hills of Sausalito, California as it breaks when riding them down. I can only recommend this for any serious “glider” 2. The support by EWheels throughout this process has been fantastic. Jason, the owner, has not only delivered on all his promises but supported me with specific questions and added advice on technical manners and is always quick to respond and also provide online and telephone support when needed. It gives me great comfort to work with a firm that customises their offering to the customer. In sum, you are in good hands with eWheels!

Janos L.
Sausalito, CA

Scooters ARE cool

Who says scooters aren’t cool.? Just got my L6 scooter and loving it. First off I am recovering from an ankle injury and needed something a little more stable than a skateboard. The scooter is perfect. The minute I jumped on I felt in control and stable. Getting around the neighbourhood with ease. It’s fast fun and easy to ride. As far as the cool factor I get so many looks, comments and complements in only a week that I can’t count. So far nothing negative to say about the L6. Looking forward to a summer of scooter fun.

Kevin Carter
Ontario Canada

Best little commuter

This little wheel has changed my commute. It easily fits on the bus with me, and it makes the last mile (or two) a blast. I ride in the rain, up and down the hills here in Seattle. This machine just goes. I’m only 3 months in, but my V5F already has a few hundred miles logged. I really can’t imagine a way to get around the city any more fun the this. This is my first EUC, so it’s hard to compare the features. The are a few things that I really like about this wheel. First, it’s really quiet. As I pass people on other EUC brands I usually notice that high pitched singing from their electric motor. Second, I really appreciate the regenerative breaking. Because I commute in hilly terrain, it’s nice to get some juice back on the downhills. Third has to be the lights. They aren’t as flashy as others, but that head light does what is supposed to at night. Buying from eWheels was a snap. I ordered, and the unit was on my doorstep within a few days. The owner seems to care about customer service and making sure you get the most… Read more “Best little commuter”

Eric Peterson
From Seattle, WA

Best Level of Service – Great Client Experience!

Hats off to Jason McNeil of the eWheels Team!! Thank you for your *excellent* customer service Jason. This was my first time purchasing a Electric Kick Scooter, the “Inmotion Lively” and the customer service experience was the best. I was a little skeptical and hesitant at first, I usually don’t order items online sight unseen, but since there was no one in San Francisco who carried the Inmotion Lively, I kinda had no choice. I researched Electric Scooters for a month before deciding on the “Lively”. The Lively seemed liked the perfect scooter, I loved the price-point ($775.00), a full $125.00 less than my second choice (the Momas e-scooter), better styling, lighter in weigh and way more features. Again, my only hesitation was that there was very little on reviews for the lively, one Authen-tech you tube video….nothing on amazon. The only thing I had to go on was “The Electronic Word of Mouth” that I saw on the eWheels website and how everyone raved about the great level of service from Jason from the eWheels team. Jason McNeil & eWheels team is legit, especially after reading so so many horror stories about great new scooters on Indy-a-go go or… Read more “Best Level of Service – Great Client Experience!”

Rod Cooper
I live in San Francisco and work in San Mateo at a Behavorial Health Outpatient Clinic.

Amazing Customer Service

Working with Jason on purchasing my Inmotion V8 has been a great experience. I fell in love with this monowheel right away…it has a smooth ride, handles great, and the customizable lights make it really fun to ride. But this testimonial is really for Jason’s customer service. Whenever I had ANY questions for him, he was extremely prompt with his response and always helpful. When I shot him an email about getting the mobile app set up, he replied right away. When I asked him about some LED lights that went out after I dropped my wheel, he sent me replacement LED strips for free under warranty AND included a tutorial on how to install them. And when I put my cover back on and realized that I had lost a screw in the process, he offered to send me on as well. I can’t recommend Jason at eWheels enough. Thanks for all of your help! -Jon Chintanaroad

Jon Chintanaroad
Located in the SF Bay Area and loving my Inmotion V8

Great service and prices!

I received my Msuper v3 (820) just about a month ago from Ewheels. (Sorry, option wasn’t available in pull-down menu – I did not purchase the V3Pro) When I had ordered it, the wheel, it was on back-order but the timetable I was given was spot-on. Payment was a breeze and Jason was more than accommodating in answering my questions and confirming dates. We also chatted a few times – cool guy! I’m working on my skillz, now – looking forward to wheelin around town!

Geoff K
DC Metropolitan area, new to the euc scene

Great little device

I bought this wheel for a “last mile” commuter solution but it has quickly become an evening addiction. I play the online GPS game Ingress and this is perfect for that! I’ve ridden almost 200 miles on it so far and having so much fun. It’s worth the learning curve. E-wheels is the place to purchase. No regrets, in fact, trying to buy another for the wife!

First time on a wheel

So I just bought the V8. OMG! It’s awesome.. I can’t ride it yet but here I am at the Hard Rock in Vegas trying to ride it and this girl ask if she can help me balance. …. yep! Guys this very well might be a chick magnet……

I'm living the dream

KS 18 is for real

I must say hats off to ewheels for their great customer service. wasn’t sure what to buy for my size and I must say the KS 18 is perfect. Oh my goodness words can’t explain how amazed I am with this thing. You see I’m 51 and it’s like John Carter welcome to the future and I’m in it and fit enough to ride this puppy. What a awesome device and I’m a proud owner of one bad kick butt KS 18

John Carter
California dreamer and I love the outdoors.

Most fun I’ve had since I got my first bike at age 6.

Okay, its under $500 and it will take a 150 lb rider 9 miles at just over 15 mph. Too good to be true? Not yet, it also can swap out a battery as easy as stopping, hitting a battery release button, and swapping out a new battery by pulling up and sliding down. Wait, Jetblue and the TSA also just let me travel with the battery and unicycle through Boston Logan airport. The unicycle was checked baggage, and the battery was in my carry on. They didnt even batt an eye as it is under the 160 wh limit and it was in a nonstatic plastic bag used to ship motherboards. This was also during Marathon, Patriot day weekend. Jason advised me to ship it out, which I did, and I asked the TSA in the airport about traveling with the battery. They said as long as it was properly stored away from the unit or (assisted motorized travel device) it was fine. He reminded me that people with assisted wheelchairs need to travel too. So it made it back with me on the plane as designed! If that was all it did, it would be remarkable, but it… Read more “Most fun I’ve had since I got my first bike at age 6.”

Bill Mahoney
Los Angeles, independent filmaker, car enthusiast


I bought the V5f as a replacement for a ninebot one A1 that I purchased off ebay. I had to return the ebay wheel because the power charger went bad. What could I do? I was addicted to riding this Electric Unicycle and all of a sudden I had to stop? Nothing doing. I looked online and found eWheels and Jason in almost every good review of a unicycle. So I ordered the V5F as a replacement for the segway. I was blown away from out of the box. The unit looks great! Sleek and inviting sprung to mind as well as stylish and the padded sleeve that was shipped with it has worked to keep the unit relatively scratchless. I sprung for the trolly handle, which is an impressively light metal, and the fast charger. They are both very well worth the value in usefulness and convenience. The trolly handle allows me to easily bring the V5f into stores, banks, wherever I have gone. It is sturdy and folds up and down quickly and easily. They said ‘seconds’ in the description of the trolly handle engagement and that is very accurate. Maybe 2 tops. I have a giant park… Read more “IT WILL REPLACE BIKES BY 2025 IN POPULARITY AND USE”

Bill Mahoney
L.A. Car buff, work on Films,

EWheels is Triple A…Awesome Wheel, Awesome company, Awesome service

I have been researching online and on you tube for several months now on purchasing an electric unicycle, and I finally decided on an Inmotion V8, and decided to purchase from EWheels instead of eBay or ( Amazon, I could only find the V5F there), Due to the Reviews about Jason and the service there. First let me say the three reasons I went with the V8… 1. A more intermediate wheel with power and range I felt like I could grow into, I was afraid I would want to purchase another one in a few months 🙂 maybe not the worst scenario … 2. The many videos on You Tube that showed and reviewed this wheel all were extremely positive… 3. The only bells and whistles I wanted were the lights and a built in handle and that’s it, no speakers etc… Secondly let me talk about EWheels … I placed my order on Friday night March 24th, I ordered the V8 and extra inner tube (I live in AZ lots of pokez (cactus) on the roads as my grandkids would say) and a cover for the V8. First thing Monday morning 3/27 I received an email from Jason… Read more “EWheels is Triple A…Awesome Wheel, Awesome company, Awesome service”

Daniel Thornton
I am an Old Guy from tucson who like's tech 🙂


Thanks eWheels for getting me up and running on a new V5F!!! Jason was helpful answering many questions via chat and recommended the V5F for our first ride. I put my order in and it was shipped out on the same day. I received confirmation emails from eWheels and FedEx. The unit arrived in perfect condition with all of the accessories including a protective cover. Free shipping and no sales tax. I installed the InMotion app and it’s working great. Our first day on the unit was a blast.

Ron Schmidt
Marketing professional in the San Francisco Bay Area with two pre-teen boys

If you like Segways… I highly recommend this!!!!!!!

So I will start by saying that I love to ride Segways… And the inmotion V5+ is the best of the Segway in a compact form. I am absolutely in love! When I first got it… It was very shiny and new and extremely difficult to stand on. But I was so excited!!!!! I would get on and fall off… and repeat! Balancing is tricky at first… it is onewheel… so think unicycle… .not all of you guys out there will be cut out for this… but those who can DO!!!!! And you will love it! After about 20 mins…I could totally balance and ride… and I was zipping around. Now keep in mind it was no longer shiny and new and I had already beat it up quite a bit…. I highly recommend putting on the protective covers in the beginning when learning… you can always take it off after….the protective cover itself dulls the shiny look, that’s why I would put it on for learning purposes and take it off later. Now when practicing I would stand on the ewheel next to a wall or something I could hold as I scooted along… after awhile I didn’t need… Read more “If you like Segways… I highly recommend this!!!!!!!”

Mid 40's living in Tampa FL

Great experience

I purchased the InMotion V8 in December 2016 and it is my first EUC. I can definitely say that I am hooked. It took me about 2 hours to feel comfortable going forward and making tight turns. I have put 60 miles on since January 4th when I received my wheel and really enjoy riding it. I have no other wheels to compare my experience but I can say I am impressed with the power and the range so far. I can easily see myself riding an 18 inch wheel with a long range battery by summer 2018. I live in Pennsylvania and I have never seen one of these around but glad I discovered these cool inventions. The customer service here is top notch. Jason answered all my questions very fast and everything went smooth. I ordered a cover for the V8 but I received one for a V5. Jason responded with a tracking number for the new cover and a shipping label to return the one for the V5. I received the correct cover in 4 days. Again, I cannot say enough about the customer service here. Overall I would rate my experience a 5 out of 5.… Read more “Great experience”

Ryan Scott
Pennsylvania, first EUC

fact from fiction

There are a lot of websites selling inferior low quality very dangerous electric unicycles and the ignorant consumer is there target My suggestion is save, save, save until you have enough to get a good one, with this products you get what you pay for its that simple A sudden shutdown is something that even an experience rider can’t recover from even at slow speeds for no reason throw money at cheap knockoffs is not worth it and they can lend you in the hospital with serious injuries If you are out there trying to get a wheel (lean to distinguish a toy electric unicycle, from a real and save electric unicycle) don’t put your self or children in danger, crappy batteries, over heating circuit boards are things to seriously consider With that said, do your own research stay informed ask questions buy the the newest products, these things are evolving as fast as cell phones in the past few months I have had the opportunity to purchase 2 awesome wheels from Jason a kingsong 18 and 16 these are great quality products indeed, for adults 800 watt motor or higher and the biggest battery you can get is what… Read more “fact from fiction”

adalberto copin
this my new found hobbie at 45

KS16 Review from a Wheel Enthusiast

From the moment I stepped on the Kingsong 16 for the first time and rode less than 10 feet, I could tell this was a machine with a quality ride and feel. It is stable and smooth.  Shifting your weight from side to side for turns is effortless. You and the wheel can float through the world as one, as if you are flying on the ground. Once you have struggled to pull down the Kingsongs very tight foot pedals, they feel solid and substantial to stand on. There are rubber pads with good grip. They mate to my shoes well. There is almost a slight cushioned feel to the pads that I have not felt with any other wheel. Peddle height and size is appropriate. You can weave and bob down the road without fear of peddle scraping. I spend up to 2 hours at a time on the Kingsong without feeling the peddles could be any better than they are. My Kingsong has the larger 830wh battery. The motor produces 800 watts, which I assume without close inspection is beefier and heavier than 500 watt wheels. All this extra weight goes unnoticed in your travels. Speed is important… Read more “KS16 Review from a Wheel Enthusiast”

Bryan Dulsky
Owner of several eWheels

The KS14C – A Great Wheel from a great Seller

I wanted a sporty 14″ wheel with great range, and the only game in town is the KingSong 14C. Jason was very helpful in answering my questions and when I purchased it from him I received it in less than a week. Jason provides great follow-up information and he is a pleasure to do business with. The 14C is a fantastic wheel. It has plenty of power and runs very fast. I can reliably get over 30 miles on one charge (my riding weight is ~170 pounds). Here’s a video I shot in my local Southern California mountains, showing it’s off-road prowess: https://youtu.be/qrRLyR0R0jI The full length video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/7x5uo-9k3nQ I don’t think you can go wrong with either the 14C or EWheels.

Marty Backe
Live in Southern California

Excellent purchase experience (KingSong KS16 840Wh)

I ordered black KingSong 840Wh/800W as an upgrade to my Ninebot E+ from Jason. The order shipped the same day and I received it 2 days later since I live in California and the wheel shipped from Los Angeles. Couldn’t be happier with the speed of order processing and shipment ! After you order, you get an informational message about the particular model you ordered with useful information to get you ready. This is really a nice touch and is sent in addition to the order receipt. When I received the order, the wheel was in perfect condition and actually looked better in real life than in pictures. I’ve had a chance to ride it a few times now and I say it’s really good upgrade path for Ninebot E+ owner, especially with regards to the range which from my initial experience looks to be about 3 times the range. I will be writing a more thorough comparison later that I will post to the forum.electricunicycle.org with the pros and cons of this model. This is a great site to buy EUC with complete confidence that you will get the service and support when you need it (and you will).… Read more “Excellent purchase experience (KingSong KS16 840Wh)”

Adel A.
EUC enthusiast


I’ve been into the whole personal mobility thing for a while. I’ve been riding electric skateboards for years but, the first time I saw an electric unicycle, oh man, I just got the concept right away. NOTHING compares to the level of freedom and the natural feel that unicycle will give you. Being annoyed with my skateboard’s limitation of only being able to run on smooth terrain, I was in the market for an off road electric skateboard, that’s when I discovered the electric unicycle. No skateboard will ever match the flexibility and the ability and the speed to traverse as much different terrain as my 18’’ wheeled King Song. After much looking around and shopping, I found eWheels to have the best selection/price on the internet. Additionally, I want to mention that dealing with eWheels has been a sheer pleasure. I’ll spare you the long story but, let me just say that the kind of honesty, integrity and honor this place operates under is not always demonstrated by on-line vendors. Jason and eWheels you’re the best!!! You have a lifelong customer in me!

Alex S
FL, Software Engineer

First few days: great wheel

I just bought the wheel, so far it has been great: powerful, good looking, convenient. Jason was very helpful in answering some of the questions with the order.

Fedor Zhdanov
Wondering around Seattle

Excellent Service, Awesome Wheel

The detailed product pages here on eWheels were extremely helpful in my search for an EUC. They have the data, specs, and videos that I needed to make an informed decision. Although it was my first wheel, I ultimately decided on the Inmotion V5F+ due to the combination of power and form factor. I put my order in on a Saturday and got the wheel on the following Wednesday (quicker than expected!). I also received an email from Jason McNeil giving me specific advice about the V5F+ software setup, general tips about getting started with an EUC, and links to helpful resources. eWheels also packed in the handle and rear flap as a bonus, both of which have turned out to be essential additions. Needless to say, after dedicating a weekend to mastering the basics I am a very happy camper! I now use my wheel to commute to work (~5 miles each way) as well as on my lunch break. The V5F+ has excellent battery life, great acceleration and looks cool as hell. The headlight is sufficiently bright and useful. The pedals seem a bit on the small side (my feet are US size 12) and took some getting… Read more “Excellent Service, Awesome Wheel”

Bruce Wooden
SF Bay Area, California. VR evangelist and product manager. CymaticBruce.com

First EUC – V5F+

I was at Black Rock City this August and saw two people riding the most remarkable things, electric unicycles. I had never seen them before, and at BRC there are a lot of amazing things that people ride, both motorized and non-motorized. When I got home to the default world I knew that I wanted one so I started looking into EUC’s and after a lot of research I settled on the V5F+ for a couple of reasons. I fly a small airplane and have been carrying a Dahon folding bicycle in order to get into town from the small airports that I fly into. The bicycle weighs 32lb and is large and bulky even when folded. At 28 lbs the V5F+ saves 4 lbs (weight in a small airplane is always a concern) and its size and shape make it super easy to stow behind the seat. I chose the V5F+ because of size, weight and the longer range of the V5F+, as well as the excellent reviews of the service at ewheels.com I ordered my wheel from ewheels on a Monday and it arrived Thursday, great service from ewheels! I’ve had the wheel for a month and a… Read more “First EUC – V5F+”

Colin Strong
Portland, OR

Love my KingSong!

I bought my KingSong from Jason last winter. I’d only started to learn how to ride (two one hour sessions) when I was in an aircraft accident. That was in February.. I didn’t try riding again until last weekend, the middle of October. It’s a blast! Today I did my first tour of the subdivision which was about 3 miles. I even went fast enough to get the cautionary beeps (Whoo HOO!), then I quickly slowed down. Jason has been great. There might be an issue with the battery charger topping off the batteries too high, so Jason sent me another one to try out. He got back with me on a Sunday to figure out what to try! If you’re thinking about by a wheel from Jason, Go For It!

Dave Thomas
North Carolina

A newbie with a V8

“You can get it in any color as long as it’s black” and that’s about the only likeness the Inmotion V8 has with my old “T-Ford” wheel. I am a beginner to the electric unicycle and I was very hasty in the purchase of my first wheel: a 14-inch, generation 1 electric unicycle from a local shop. After a few hours of riding I realized that I had outgrown this wheel that caused pain to my shins and had limited potential. A brief but informative “Let’s Talk” with Jason helped me make up my mind to place a pre-order. It took a few days extra to get the shipment since this was the first batch to Europe from the factory but it was very reassuring to get a notification from eWheels once it reached the continent. Delivery to me came four days later. I have to say that the V8 is a dream to ride and very responsive. It gives me no pain to my legs at all and I haven’t even attached the supplied soft-pads. It handles the dirt roads in my training path with ease and the transition to the new wheel was quite a no-brainer. The only… Read more “A newbie with a V8”

Peter Sandblom
Swedish roll model wannabe

Best toy ever!

Awesome unicycle, runs smoothly, easy to ride, Bluetooth and lights, you can bit that, all my friends and little nieces love it!

Joel La Cunza
Professional guy

V8 Review After the First Week

Started my electric unicycle journey this year with Ninebot One E+, which I consider a great wheel. I have not ridden any other wheel than that. I wanted to have second wheel, more range, more speed and integrated handle. I also did not want it to emit loud high pitch noise and did not want it to be to heavy. From my internet research I had zero options… Then I heard about Inmotion V8 several weeks ago. The process of purchase was great. I ordered it one afternoon (4PM), it was sent next day early morning (got email of dispatch at 4AM). I was contacted by Jason with some starting up information, good service here, I recommend this WheelGo.com I also recommend getting this particular wheel, yet you have to ask yourself – if you have different expectations, then maybe some other wheel would suit you better. For me – V8 seems like, well, created for me :). I wanted a wheel: 1. For commuting 10-12km one way, without having to recharge at work (to carry less things in backpack). V8 can do that. 2. With more range for more fun and more options. With E+ I sometimes needed to… Read more “V8 Review After the First Week”

From Poland

great wheel!

Love the wheel. Feels much lighter and cleaner than my old ninebot. Can walk around with it comfortably when not riding. Looks better, goes faster – all i need. Got it very quick, and Jason was a pleasure to speak with.

alexei kai

Great communication and support

Jason has done a great job getting me my wheel. When I received it I was having a problem with the app. I emailed Jason and got a reply with what to do to fix it almost immediately! I Love riding this wheel! Thanks Jason.

Doug Dodge
54 year old Sailor


A friend of mine introduced me to the unicycle world, and as soon as I saw the first youtube video I was in love with it. My friend got his first and it looked amazing, Sure it took him few days to master it, but man that thing is a beast. So I got my first wheel though my friend Andre from Jason McNeil, and the packaging, service delivery were fantastic and worth my time to sit here and give him a 5 star review. I have gotten really good with my King Song 14B and I expect to upgrade by next spring or summer. Very excited to be introduced into the world of EUC and grateful to my friend Andre for pushing me towards it. My friends who have seen it simply love it.

Jean-Pierre Lteif
DC Metro Area


Great wheel and great service. eWheels actually saved me from quite a money loss, as I was un aware of the airline limitations for li-ion powered devices. They suggested me the King Song and I`m quite happy with it! An added plus was an email they sent me with tricks and apps regarding the wheel. They really seem to know their stuff. I would definitively recommend then, and would sure buy it again.

Andre Stavrakas
Brazil, Vitoria ES. Electronics and automotive enthusiast

I Got a Charge Out of It

I ordered a King Song 14B w/ a spare 148 watt-hour battery. My de facto car is a Ninebot One C+, and the KS14B offers a similar riding experience. I would rate the Ninebot as the better cruiser, while the KS is a bit better with tight turns and curbs. But the similarities are far greater than the differences in daily use. I bought the 14B specifically for air travel, and I was not disappointed. I discussed the finer points of the lithium-ion battery with the airline in question, and confirmed that a 148 watt-hour battery bundled in my carry-on bag would be allowed. The relatively tidy dimensions and weight of the 14B sans battery fit made packing and lugging my suitcase an easy task. It is very satisfying to have an electric unicycle at your disposal when you step off of a plane in a remote community. The range with the travel edition battery is modest, I have averaged 8 km per charge so far, but it actually feels like a Goldilocks moment: enough range to forego walking, taxis or car rentals, but in a package light and small enough to justify taking it with you. The swappable battery… Read more “I Got a Charge Out of It”

KS14C is Truly Amazing

Having owned a SoloWheel original, and ridden the Gotway MSuper 18 as well as the Solowheel Extreme, the King Song 14″ 800W packs an amazing amount of power and reliability into a compact, lightweight package. The speed is killer – as fast as pretty much any moderate bike rider – and I was able to zip up the steepest hills with ease! I went on a 15-mile ride with my buddy who owns an MSuper 18 and was outpacing him the entire way. The app customization options are great too – no one wants to hear beeping as they go faster. Definitely a 10/10 product from someone who’s ridden the “best” in the industry!

Max Winderbaum

King Song 14B & Travelling

Just purchased a King Song 14B from eWheels. Great service, highly recommended. Saved me a lot of trouble with airline transportation issues.

Visiting Miami from Brazil

KS 14C Tops the OneWheel and Boostedboard for Me

I recently purchase the KS 14C from ewheels.com and I wanted to share my experience with others who might be debating about which EUC to purchase. The last couple of years I’ve been trying out a variety of electric vehicles for recreation and transport including a Boosted Board, OneWheel, Segway mini pro, and a Metroboard. All have been fun, but I have sold them all off except for the Onewheel. I liked the Boostedboard, but I wasn’t into to small wheel size and having to use a remote. I did not like controlling the Mini Pro with my knees…it did not feel natural. I liked the OneWheel’s ability to go off road, but the 6 mile range was limiting and prevented me from using it as a commuter vehicle. I decided to try out an electric unicycle and went with the KS 14C. I purchased the 840wh/800W Motor. I felt that my experience with the OneWheel helped me pick up the KS 14 pretty quickly. It took me a couple of days to feel comfortable, but after that, I really enjoyed this wheel. Compared to the Onewheel, I felt the the 14C was easier to dismount. The OneWheel has a… Read more “KS 14C Tops the OneWheel and Boostedboard for Me”

Matt Franklin
Boostedboard and OneWheel rider trying out an EUC for the first time.

V5F+ is an amazing wheel!

Hey! I’ve got interested in electric unicycle only quite recently and almost by accident. However, I immediately fell in love with this type of transport. As it provides you lightweight and flexible way to move around your surroundings. Before the purchase, I was researching the market for the best wheel in regards to price/specs. I believe you must learn the new skill with a decent instrument and have read the reviews of different brands I’ve been a little bit confused. There always been some cons with the wheels from different companies, but I wanted the best wheel for the price. That’s how I found out about Inmotion company. I actually surfed the web and found a great forum community, from where I read about this beautiful V5F+ wheel available exclusively on ewheels.com (wheelgo.com in Europe). The community members who already tested the device gave such a good praise to that wheel, so without further do, I decided to order one. I’m living in a small country of Estonia, located near Finland. It’s so called Baltic region. Shipping was handled excellently. I received an initial confirmation after the payment, then a day later the tracking number and extra info regarding the… Read more “V5F+ is an amazing wheel!”

I'm EUC rider, located in Estonia. It's a small country near Finland!

Very Fast Service

Hi all, i have to say,that Jason McNeil’s Shop just Rock’s !!! I ordered my new Toy on Saturday, and today Wednesday it arrives already.Everything was included (Handlebar, Mudgard and Cover).And it was all in very good conditions,so no Marks or Scratches. Immediately i charged the Battery to try it out.But unfortunately it start’s raining a lot. So i just had a short tryout in a Barn at my Home. And compared to my Ninebot 1E+ it felts easyer to Handle.Apart from falling in Love with the Design i bought it for using it at Trainrides/Holidays.It’s lighter but has bigger Range and is slightly faster.So look’s like the perfect Wheel from the perfect Shop. Thank’s Jason !

Stefan Schmitz
Near Cologne,Germany,.Ninebot1 Rider

Thrill seeker who found it

Marcus Lemonis says that a company can be successful if the 3P’s of business are in line… people, product, and process. People: The customer service of ewheels.com is extraordinary. I will buy from this site again and again. In fact I have them in my “favorites” section of the safari. They responded almost immediately to my order with a really informative “order confirmation” email that even had a link to the app I needed to control my uni. In the “comments” section of the order form I also asked if they would throw in a pair of protective elbow and knee pads like the YouTube video said. They obliged and I have my pads. A lot of other companies don’t even read the comments section. Product: The Inmotion SV3 is badass. I am a first time buyer of this type of product and now I’m hooked. My practice is a few miles from my house so I ride it to work every day. I put a messenger bag with my logo on the back and now everyone in the community knows me as “the chiropractor that rides that cool thing around!” #advertising #publicity. I LOVE my “wheelie”. It flies around… Read more “Thrill seeker who found it”

Jet Jackson
I'm an outdoors loving chiropractor

5+ Star Rating from eWheels!!

I bought the V3 for my Son and my experience couldn’t have been any better!!! Jason answered all of my questions and I felt really good about having a live person to talk to when I bought the product. I would buy from him again and you should too!! He is the best.

Boston, MA


The support and responses from Jason McNeil is beyond reproach, he is genuinely not just in the business of a transnational sale, his customer service skills will leave you with confidence and satisfaction in the highest level, The InMotion V5F+ is my 1st EUC, my original intent was to purchase the King Song 16″, however after talking with Jason and reading his comparison, I am more than pleased that I purchased the v5F+. There are multiple reviews on the net that covers a wide spectrum of this EUC, so I won’t repeat it. through my experience with Jason, what’s worth highlighting is the exceptional customer service and support for this product, I will definitely be a returning customer Andre

Andre Mach
Vienna, VA

Inmotion V5F+ from London

Originally tried to order a Ninebot One P more than nine-months ago. There were continually delays, finally I lost hope and started looking for another Electric Unicycle. Inmotion’s V5F+ hit all the right check-boxes: looked even better than the Ninebot P, was about the same speed, better battery life, a whole lot lighter, with tons of other features. Jason answered all my questions before the purchasing & kept me continually updated & informed. I’m so pleased with this little Wheel, that I’ve already referred a couple other poeple to him. LUKASZ FROM LONDON

Lukasz London


To be honest I was a bit skeptical on purchasing Inmotion v3S for my son who is 11yr. My son has been eyeing electric unicycle for a long, long time…the deal was he need to do all the research and pay for all of it! Truthfully I thought this was going to be a fad and he would want something else but I was wrong ! This past June he had worked hard and save every cent from chores, birthday , Christmas to buy a Inmotionv3S ! Of course I was concern about safety, product quality and durability and it was tough to make a big purchase online without testing the product…I decided to call ewheels to get all my questions answer. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason who was and still is so helpful, he answered all my questions and told me about the warranty etc. After another 2 weeks of asking Jason additional questions about all the Inmotions I finally pulled the trigger. The whole ordering process was seamless ….recived a tracking number and shipping was fast! Finally the Inmotion v3S arrived it was like Christmas Day at our house. Item arrived right on time and… Read more “w”

Jennifer Wong
Mom - Seattle, WA

Amazing Transaction!!

I actually purchased a KS18 from Jason at Ewheels but he doesn’t have it listed here yet. I was lucky enough to be in Miami in early June and so I set up an appointment with Jason to test ride the wheel which was fantastic because it made me even more confident in the wheel and not to mention Ewheels as a distributor. I am very happy so far with the wheel and the customer service Jason provides is second to none I cannot recommend Ewheels enough!! We are lucky to have them here in the states to buy these amazing and fun EUC’s from!! Jarrett Bowers

Jarrett Bowers
Orlando, FL

Surpassed my expectations

The Kingsong 14C is such a blast to ride and is considered one of the safest wheels currently. I really didn’t know what to expect because this is the first wheel that I’ve ever purchased. -but after I got this wheel I’m hooked. So far I haven’t even come close to seeing how far it can go, which to me makes it a great form of transportation if that’s what your looking for, or endless fun in your downtime. Jason is really supportive and patient especially for someone like myself who is just starting out, and I’ve noticed more how he’s really involved in the “EUC” community and active on the forums.

James Stewart
Key West, FL

Jason has been the best help from a distributor i have ever met!

Although not listed above^ I purchased the KS-18A 800w 850wh from ewheels.com Jason went out of his way to call me and answer all and any questions I had, his online quick messenger is very very nice and connects you to him anytime He included an upgraded charger for the large batteries for the wheel. he even answered my call at 4am his time… (i didnt know it was 4am or i would not have called him!) and he STILL helped me unlock my wheels top speed. overall experience was RIGHT ON!!!

Bryan Wells
Seattle Wa, a ninebot E+ rider that was looking for more range


Good service and good product! My son really enjoys it!

the only way to buy…

This really is the only sensible way to buy an electric unicycle….Jason is both passionate and knowledgeable about all things unicycle! The whole world of electric unicycles would have been a bit of a mine field to navigate had he not been there to inform and ultimately provide a way to safely buy an electric unicycle….thanks Jason!!

David Burgess
Video/stills professional shooting cars for the last 25 years internationally....www.davidburgess.eu

Great product, value, and support!

I bought the King Song 14B 148Wh from eWheels about a month ago, and have loved every moment of riding it! It’s perfect for zipping around New York – light enough to carry when needed, maneuverable enough to navigate crowded sidewalks, and despite being the smallest battery capacity for a King Song still gets me through my commute with plenty of charge to spare. Unlike some other brands, I’ve never had an issue with unexpected cut-off, and have gone fast up some steep hills. I don’t think you can find a better wheel for the price. eWheels has also provided great support, responding promptly to emails and shipping out items quickly. If you’re looking for an affordable and solid electric unicycle you’re not going to find a better deal than this – the EUC is awesome and eWheel’s customer service is unmatched.

Thanks eWheels!

I just wanted to give eWheels a shout out for being a great dealer. There were no surprises – they sent emails for order confirmation, delivery updates, tech notes regarding upgrades, unlock codes, usage tips etc. They even worked with the factory for pre-testing. The wheel arrived safe and sound, charged up and ready to go. And the KS16 is a fantastic ride. I have about 600 km experience on another quality brand and the King Song does not disappoint. So thank you Jason! You’re a fantastic dealer — I will recommend you to my friends and definitely purchase from you again.

Top Notch Quality Performance Unicycle!

I purchased a KingSong 16″ 840wh from this distributor. I considered every option out there for getting a King Song into the USA, and none of the other options made as much sense as this one. This distributor has a fantastic reputation within the worldwide electric unicycle communities, known as a very knowledgeable expert always seeking for the best machine out there in both quality and performance. I knew I wanted buy my first King Song from this seller. So I did. First of all, this thing is faaaast! I set my speed limiter to [0, 0, 30, 30] on the app (after unlocking it). My maximum reached during my first ride was 32.5 kph (20 mph), real speed. It was truly exhilarating to ride so fast. Definitely felt quite significantly faster than my slightly older wheel (from a different manufacturer) while riding. King Song is legit! The lift test cutoff was ~45 km/hr on the app, with tilt back enabled (can’t be disabled). I wear protection of course, which is very important at these speeds. The hidden trolley handle is awesome! This is very important for areas were riding is forbidden, such as inside malls, train wagons, etc. Now… Read more “Top Notch Quality Performance Unicycle!”

Edwin R.M.
DC/MD/VA rider

Very positive experience with ewheels.com

I purchased Kingsong 14″ with 840wh battery from Jason of ewheels.com a few months ago. I had already been riding a kingsong wheel for a while, and with about 3000 km under my belt, there have been quite a few occasions when i needed some support. It was amazing that Jason helped me each and every time and not only with the wheel i bought from him but also with other kingsong wheels i owned. This has been a fantastic experience all around – my other wheel needed a control board replacement and Jason came through for me and provided a new control board so that i didnt have to wait a long time to receive it from China and pay for shipping. He certainly didn’t have to do that! I felt a bit uncomfortable because he didnt even ask me to pay for the shipping from his warehouse in florida! He also swapped a wheel for a new one for me when i had a concern about a very minor item. No matter how difficult a customer i may have been, he never complained and always helped. I would definitely order from him again because i am sure that… Read more “Very positive experience with ewheels.com”

Mike Sevastopolskiy
Brooklyn, NY

Buy from eWheels now or you’ll wish ya did later!!!

Ok, was tooooooo curious about a 14″ wheel so had to get one! And here are my thoughts………….. The Sleek Black 14″ 840 wh unit arrived to my door just 5 days after ordering from ewheels.com via Jason McNeil. BTW, Jason’s customer service is literally “2nd to none”! The unit arrived in perfect condition with ALL (Lights, BT, App connectivity, etc….) in great working order! My APP settings are as follows: (the below settings, give me the least restrictive experience while not resetting the unit) Level 1 Alarm = 0 kph Level 2 Alarm = 0 kph Level 3 Alarm = 30 kph Rocker Level = 30 kph Running Mode = Play Mode Stability/Agility: First let me state that the 14″ Ultra is stable, solid, an amazingly designed EU, and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Jason for securing these babies and providing us the opportunity to own one ourselves! The Ultra’s added available power/options, upgraded control, extra travel distance on a single charge, and reliability, make this EU VERY hard to beat in the 14″ arena! Speed: Was able to ride up to 20.5 mph per my Android DS Speedometer However, that was max. Can ride ~18 mph without warning… Read more “Buy from eWheels now or you’ll wish ya did later!!!”

Damon Moorman

Great Support

I bought the King Song 14C 840 800 two months ago. Jason got it to me quickly as he had one already in stock. This EUC is the nicest I’ve ever ridden – smooth, quiet, and powerful! It blows away every other one I’ve ridden (Ninebot One, IPS, AirWheel). The features on the King Song (Bluetooth, integrated lights, etc.) are great. It was a little tricky figuring out how to use them from the sketchy instructions. It was also hard entering the unlock code that activates the advanced rider specs (30 kph). Jason was very responsive helping to get these issues resolved quickly. Thanks Jason!

Ken Malecki
Long Island, New York