King Song Error Codes & What They Mean

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Although exceptionally rare, it is possible for a firmware upgrade to fail, or for the Wheel to ‘loose’ its serial number. If this should happen, the machine provides an identifiable diagnostic procedure for determining what is wrong:

NOTE: these codes apply to all the models, including the KS-14D/14S/16S/18L/18XL.  The number is relative position from top to bottom, there are seven LEDs in each vertical strip.

  • No. 1 & 4: red LEDs, & audible alarm. This is a wiring communication fault with the hall sensor wire in/to the motor.
    Procedure: check the connection of the wire between the motor and controller. If it continues, then the  motor will need to be replaced.
  • No. 1 & 5: red LED, & audible alarm. The firmware has detected a short circuit in one of the three motor phase wires.
    Procedure: motor needs to be replaced.
  • No. 1 & 6: red LED, audible alarm. The machine’s serial number has been corrupted.
    Procedure: Contact [email protected] to obtain instructions performing a reserialization procedure to the board. 
  • No. 1 & 7: failed firmware upgrade.
    Procedure: Firmware needs to be reloaded from special tool (available on Android only), contact [email protected] for instructions.