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King Song 16S, 840Wh Battery/1200W Motor


  • 16S AE is in Stock!
  • All new Anniversary Edition, with upgraded Powerpads & XL Spiked Pedals
  • Incorporates several under-the-hood up-rates making the eWheel more powerful, safer & enjoyable
  • Maximum cruising speed has been increased from 18.6MPH to 22MPH


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cruising speed cruising speed 22 MPH
weight weight 38.5 lbs
charge time charge time 4-5 hours
max load max load 250 lbs
max load battery capacity 840wh
max load Max-Range 35-40 miles

King Song 16S Anniversary Edition

What’s New in the King Song 16S AE, Anniversary Edition:

Packaged with the same ‘under-the-hood’ mechanics of the Classic 16S, the AE was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the King Song’s founding. This version shares the same matte-black finish of before, with the addition of the bold orange trip set, handle pedals; set of molded Powerpads; & larger spiked pedal set. The core specifications are the same as the 16S: 

  1. Speed: maximum cruising speed of 22MPH;
  2. Power: 1200W (continuous) power vs. 800W of the original KS16. You’ll find the ride to be more secure, stable & responsive;
  3. LG 840Wh Battery Pack: for up to a 40 miles of range
  4. New Control-board: MOSFETs (the electronic switches that power the motor) upgraded to 350A of MAX power, uprated connectors, better power delivery, with several other under-the-hood improvements;
  5. More Atmospheric LEDs: there are more programmable LEDs on each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;
King Song 16S Anniversary Edition. Side

Product Highlights

All King Song eWheels come equipped with the Bluetooth speaker system, front & rear headlights & the Bluetooth App. The KS 16″ is no different here, bringing a brighter headlight & simplified controls that can be set from within the mobile phone App.

As if the magic of the self-balancing Electric Unicycle were not impressive enough, the high fidelity stereo speakers will blow your friends & family away with the quality & depth of sound.  

King Song 16

King Song 16″ Story

Passionate riders of Electric Unicycles are attracted to King Song eWheels because of the earned reputation for solid reliability & performance. In early 2015, King Song experimented with a 16″ Wheel design but this early prototype was too ungainly & was not quite ready as a commercial product.

Over a gestation period of nine months, the King Song engineers refined the concept, made it more powerful, finding space in the shell to add the 64 battery cells, upgrading the motor, incorporating a head/tail light, better pedals & the first to include an active cooling fan onto the control-board. It was the first single-wheel to contain a retractable telescopic handle for transporting when not being ridden; combined, all of these features made it  one of the most of 2016 & was sold in the thousands.

The KS16S (the ‘S’ stands for Sports) is the latest evolution of the 16″ Wheel, with the potential of even more power, 3MPH higher speed, easier maintenance & host of other improvement.

Bluetooth App Connectivity

The King Song 16″ has two independent Bluetooth transmitters, one for streaming music & another for displaying real-time Wheel data & changing the handling characteristics of the Wheel with compatibility for either Android or iOS. Most users find it most valuable for unlocking the Wheel to the upper design speed of 35kph & setting the handling performance like the calibration & ride mode.
An area in the App that is unique to the King Song 16″ is that now the headlight is controlled through the App rather than the touch-panel.

Mobile App Features

  • From the main page view current speed, range, temperature, & volume
  • In the settings screen, the owner can change a number of parameters & setting like the calibration, speed limit, upgrade the firmware, turn the headlight on & off, & change the response mode
  • Level Calibration gives the rider the option to set the angle (or pitch) of the pedals. Out of the box, it’s set to a slight forward sloping angle, so the owner will probably want to set this back a couple degrees
  • Setting the pedal response sensitivity, adjusts how hard one has to lean for an action the Wheel’s motor
  • Electronic Speed limit: there are three audible alarm levels in addition to the tilt-back or ‘Rocker’ speed limit.
  • Ability to upgrade the firmware from King Song
Mid-Level Electric Unicycle, Dimensions Weight Comparison, v1. Gotway MTen3, King Song 14D, 14S, Inmotion V8F, V8S, 16S, Begode MCM5v2

Ease of Maintenance


Around the World, the earlier generation King Song 16 was sold in the thousands. Many of these experienced buyers were attracted to the elegant lines & attractive surfaces, giving the impression of being both futuristic & ergonomic to ride. It features a ring of programmable multi-color LEDs making standout, especially at night. The KS16S builds on this experience with improvements in several important areas like the pedals, retractable handle, LEDs…  


It’s not just about looks either: everything on this remarkable Wheel is constructed to maximize the functionality. The covers of battery casing serve as side padding for the legs, the telescopic handle tucks neatly away into recess, & unlike previous models of King Song, the headlight is now embedded into the case.

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 23 in

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