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NEW: Dualtron Thunder 2,060Wh/2x 1,200W (2,400W) Motors


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  • Includes bonus rapid-charger & fingerprint scanner, combined value of $250

  • The Dualtron Thunder is probably the best folding Electric Scooter money can buy right now. With many new upgrades, including ABS/hydraulic brakes, ultra-wide tubeless tires, improved suspension, optional fingerprint scanner, optional seat, the Thunder is ready to go out-of-the-box with minimal assembly required

  • The 2,060Wh battery can provide up to 80 miles distance at moderate cruising speed

  • 5,400W peak & 2,400W Sustained Power. The Thunder Delivers the highest performance spec on an eScooter

  • eWheels are proud to be the first US Distributor of Dualtron & Speedway products within North America.

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Dualtron Thunder User Manual

15 New Features in the Dualtron Thunder

What's New in the Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder is the 3rd Generation of the Dualtron series, it introduces a substantial number of innovations over its predecessor, the Ultra. On paper, the core performance characteristics are the same as the Ultra, with a similar battery pack, a pair of 1200W direct drive hub motors, comparable sustained & peak power loads; what sets it apart are an additional 15 improvements.

While some of these improvements are minor or aesthetic, others are quite substantial, like the new hydraulic braking system, which replaced the cable/mechanical system on the Ultra. The cumulative effect of all the new 2018 improvements, is a scooter that not only performs like no other, but is also one of the most safe, comfortable & practical for long distance travel under a variety of conditions & road surfaces.

Thundering Performance

Thundering Performance

Dualtron Thunder Motor Power Performance

There is no other eScooter brand that has established the formidable reputation that Dualtron has for producing high performance two wheeled folding Scooters. From the very first 1.5 model to this latest Thunder, each successive generation has built upon & improved the Scooter’s core performance. On the Thunder, the same 1200W sustained, 2700W peak, motors of the Ultra are used, but with a newly tuned controller that provides better off the mark acceleration.

Visually Striking

Dualtron Thunder LED Lightshow

The Thunder is already a visually striking machine, with the mood lighting enabled, the wow factor is cranked up to level 11. On the handlebar column, the illuminated Dualtron logo colors can be set with a touch of a button, with the included remote control.
There are also two pairs, a total of four, embedded front deck light & a further two pairs of rear braking/awareness lights.
Note: if riding at night, it is advisable to fit an additional handlebar mounted light to throw a beam further than the effective 20-30 foot beam from lower level deck floodlights.

Torsion Suspension

Dualtron Thunder Torsion Bar Suspension

Now on the Thunder there are three different positions the torsion bar can be slotted into, that provide varying levels of tension & ground clearance to the bottom of the deck. These are used in conjunction with the inter-changeable suspension cartridges for over a dozen different levels of firmness, these are usually set for by both preference & for the weight of the Rider.

Interchangeable Cartridge Modules

Dualtron Ultra Dashboard Screen Features
Dualtron Ultra Dashboard Screen Features

While on the previous generation, there was just a single option available, with the introduction of this 3rd Generation, Dualtron now offer five different compounds range from soft (for lighter Riders) to hard,

Improved water-resistance & battery safety

Dualtron Thunder Weather Protection, Safety & Battery Pack

Within the internal battery bay compartment there’s a been some safety upgrades. One of these is the main power switch, which isolates the battery from the controller & dashboard, reducing the risks during transportation. For water-protection, the wiring harness entering the internal chamber has been fitted with a new seal. Finally, the battery pack has been completely redesigned within individual battery cell holders so that the cells are no longer in direct contact with one another & encased in a steel protective structure.

Collapsible Handlebar & Locking Latch

Dualtron Thunder Handlebar Folding & Latch

With the Thunder, the handlebars can now fold down against the stem for a smaller footprint during transporting or storage. There is also an upper latch, which can be used to support small bags. On the opposing deck side, there is a bracket that the latch locks into to secure it into position.

Fingerprint Scanner