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Inmotion Adventure/V14, 2,400Wh Battery, 4,000W Motor


  • Batch 1: in stock, for $2,999! May require some [free] upgraded suspension parts later
  • Batch 2: revised ETA for late-January. These will possess the Samsung 50S high-power cells,¬† black top panels & choice of street/knobby tire
  • Price: $3,299, for batch 2. With a $500 deposit, & $2,799 balance before shipping out from the US
  • Bonus: preorder depositors will be eligible for a bonus seat kit
  • Motor: 4,000W high-torque motor C40, a no-load max rotational speed of 68MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Battery Pack: 2400Wh/134V battery pack, using high-power cells
  • Control board: Employing the Raptor 42x MOSFET/18x large capacitor sealed controller
  • Suspension: 85mm of travel, with 17 level of Compression Damping & 8 level of Rebound
  • Tire: Knobby tire
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cruising speed cruising speed ~43.5MPH
weight weight 86lb
charge time charge time 2hr 80% @8A
max load max load 308lb
max load battery capacity 2,400Wh
max load Range 70 miles
Inmotion Adventure: Product Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the $3,299 price confirmed, how does the deposit system work?
    Yes, Inmotion has set the introductory price of $3,299. This price is set for all distributors around the world. The $500 deposit can be changed, modified, or cancelled at any time. The balance of $2,799 will be requested on arrival to the US, prior to shipping out.
    For payments made through Stripe/Credit-card, the processor charges a 3.5% fee, or $17.5 if cancelled, other payment methods will be refunded in full if requested.
  • When will the first shipments of the Adventure take place?
    Inmotion is targeting a first production batch in November, the target is to get these shipped out by Christmas 2023.
  • Will there be pre-production Adventures for the Reviewer circuit?
    Yes, we’ll be receiving an early sample for sending on the regular YouTube reviewer circuit for their feedback & suggestions mid-September.
  • What type of battery cells will be used in the Adventure battery pack?
    Batch 1 will have the Samsung 50GB cells, ETA mid-November; while the batch 2 (late December) production will be equipped withe the high-power Samsung 50S cells.
  • Will Inmotion be providing a 8/16A 134V rapid-charger?
    Stock charger provided with the Wheel is a 3A. Inmotion is working with a charger supplier to produce a 8A rapid-charger.
  • What type of charge-port interface is used on the Adventure?
    Not yet finalized, the initial charge-port is a GX16-6(5), without the center pin.
  • Is the Adventure packaged with Powerpads?
    Yes, these are a similar Velcro modular adhesive formm to the type provided with the Patton/Sherman.
  • Although Inmotion has a no-load rotational spin speed of 110kph/68.3MPH, the Max speed on the specs is ‘only’ 70KPH, are there plans to increase this potential?
    It’s possible, but typically there’s a trade-off between high-torque & upper end cruising speeds before encountering the ‘torque drop-off cliff’. We’re working with the development team to try to get this¬† bumped up to 75kph in the production firmware.
  • The Specs have a maximum weight limit of 140kg/309lb, what are the areas that are susceptible to fatigue with increased load?
    Historically, manufacturers use the ‘stamped’ tire load as the limiting factor. In practice, modern tires have a burst strength that is several multiples of the rated/recommended weight. A full component failure analysis will be conducted on the machine prior to first production in order to get a better sense of the individual component strength, like the pedals, bearings, brackets, bolts, screws, etc to learn upon lessons of the past.
  • Is there the option to change out the orange panels for a different color?
    Yes, batch 2 production will have the black panels fitted as default. These will also be available to purchase separately for earlier batch 1 Customers.
  • Seeing the previous troubles of this area, what materials are used on the suspension linkages?
    The armatures are made from an improved alloy & hardened steel 12.9 grade suspension pins
  • Which other tires are compatible for the Wheel?
    The 12″ motor rim is the same as the other 16″ Wheels, such as the Patton, Extreme, V12, etc. There are a large selection of both street & knobby tires available in this size. The preferred street tire is the Chao Yang H626, the same default Patton street tire that has an excellent balance between ride performance, traction, profile & tread life.
Inmotion V14 Adventure Product Brochure