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Inmotion V5F

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  • eWheels will be replacing the V5F series with the latest King Song 14D. This Wheel offers 45% improved performance, at $150 less than the current V5F pricing! 
  • V5F is being resold in the US under the name of ‘Solowheel Glide 2’. Solowheel have increased the price of the Wheel from $675 to $999

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Are you looking for your first Electric Unicycle on a budget? eWheels are now offering introductory pricing on the new King Song 14D for just $850. This Wheel possesses all the same features as the Inmotion V5F, but with a 32% larger battery pack & a 45% more powerful motor.


What is the difference between the Inmotion V5 Electric Unicycles & how do they compare to a something like the Ninebot One E+ or Segway S1?

The Inmotion V5F is one of the best 14″ eWheels being made today. The key highlights are that it weighs only 26.5lbs, has a top speed of 15.5MPH, an incredible 20 miles range  as well as some of the best designed pedals, a head/tail light, foldable handle—that unlike another popular Wheel is actually designed for it, rather than an after thought.

What’s new in the V5F series in particular?
Inmotion have taken their classic V5 upgraded the motor, battery pack, fitted a special high performance tire & software to

The pedals have plenty of ground clearance, which is handy for tight turns & avoiding ground obstacles.
Carrying the Wheel is very comfortable & easy thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle. There is even a switch positioned underneath the handle for conveniently disengaging the motor in situations like picking it up to cross the street.

Inmotion V5F Handle & Pedal Design

The optional folding handle neatly latches onto the top, opening in seconds so that you can Wheel it along—transporting your Wheel is no longer a workout for your biceps!

V5F Foldable Handle

The V5F is also arguable the most aesthetically attractively Wheel being made today, no other Wheel looks as timelessly modern & futuristic.

Inmotion V5F Most Stylish Electric Unicycle

No matter from which angle you view it from, it is absolutely stunning, available in both Black & White.

Inmotion V5F Form & Beauty

Want your V5F to stand out from the crowd? Why not personalize your Wheel with a selection of fun Decals.

Inmotion V5F With Decal

V5F Karate

At your finger tips you now have the ability to view, not only your trip ride information, but change every behavior, from the sound the Wheel makes when you turn it on, to the pedal incline position, or even set a speed restriction for beginners or children.

Inmotion V5 App Best Electric Unicycle

With the Optional 2.5A Fast Charger, you can reduce the time that it takes to charge you V5F from nearly four hours to just under two.


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