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Inmotion V5F/Solowheel Glide 2


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Technical Specifications

How Does It Compare?


The V5F/Glide 2 Aesthetic

Is the Inmotion V5F Solowheel Glide 3 the Most Beautiful Electric Unicycle in the World?

In the few years of the existence of the Electric Unicycle, there have been dozen of different brands/models, but none can rival the shear beautiful simplicity of the Inmotion V5F/Glide 2. From an aesthetic viewpoint, some have argued that the Designers made the perfect Wheel; every curved surface, plane, angle looks right & proportional to machine. This Wheel could be just at home on a display plinth, in a gallery, as cruising down a road or sidewalk.  

A unique Inmotion characteristic on all their Electric Unicycles, is the positioning of the heavy battery pack above the motor. This permits the Wheel to be slimmer than competing designs, on the G2 is one of the most ergonomic & comfortable Wheels with a width of just 5.7″. The Designers also made consideration for the ideal shape, contoured around the human body, & installation area of the side-padding.

V5F/Glide 2 Features

Inmotion V5F Solowheel Glide 2 Foldable Handle

Attachable Folding Handle:

In keeping with the core design principles of the G2/V5F, the elegant folding handle extension screws into carrying gap, this can be taken off, or put back on in a few minutes.. An advantages are that, 1) gives you the choice of installing/using it, 2) keeps the width of the Wheel down to a minimum, as the internal space in the Wheel is not wasted with a telescopic mechanism, 3) is more reliable & sturdy than the telescopic options, 4) it does not have a significant negative impact to the appearance.    

Under-handle Motor Cut-off Switch:

Inmotion were the also the first to introduce, what is today quite a commonplace feature, the under-handle cut-off switch. There are some situations where you need prevent the Wheel from spinning up, when picked up. Traditionally, this involved having to power down the machine, which depending on which model/firmware, was a two-handed affair, & took what seemed like an eternity (2-3 seconds) for the Wheel to power off. With the convenient under-handle switch, simply lifting the Wheel up from under the handle area, will momentarily suspend the motor function; once you then place it back on the ground & release, instantly the G2 springs back into life. 

V5F Glide 2 Under-handle Motor Switch
V5F Glide 2 Under-handle Motor Switch

New App Choices:

Until very recently, all Electric Unicycles were let down by the manufacturer’s Apps, which were cumbersome, difficult to navigate, requiring registration process that was designed around people living in China. Since mid-May, Inmotion has finally released an important new version of the App that takes a dramatic departure from the earlier versions. This latest release was made the for the Wheel Enthusiast in mind, giving more technical telemetry & vital stats about the Wheel—you may also use the Solowheel App for this model]. is a proud sponsor of the 3rd party universal Electric Unicycle App for IOS, Darknessbot. This App is even better for insights into every aspect of the Wheel & it supports logging as well. It does have some limitations, like only a few of the Wheel’s settings can be changes from this interface. 

Bonus Accessories Included with the Purchase

Solowheel Glide 2 Bonus Accessories Protective Cover & Handle Kit

The Protective Covers:

Since first released, the Inmotion/Solowheel protective covers have been an instant success & enduring popular for our Customers. These help protect the pristine shells from getting scrapped up while learning to ride the Electric Unicycle. A secondary benefit, is the contribution to greater comfort through the extra padding. The cover is extremely durable, composed from several layers of polyester fabric & stretchy neoprene at the front/back, to give it some flex when fitting over the contours of the Wheel. 

These Solowheel branded covers have been tastefully restyled from the original ‘Happy Journeys’ decal. 


Mounting the foldable handle accessory to the Wheel is fairly straight-forward:

  1. Remove the 2x screws on either side at the handle area
  2. Install with handle where the slots align with the screw-holds—make sure you have installed the correct way, with the tail folded over the speaker & illuminated Solowheel logo
  3. Use the larger screws that come in the ziplock bag. Before careful not to strip, or over-tighten the screws, as the heads have a tendency to snap off or get stripped if not perfectly in alignment with the screw-holds. 

A Close-up View of the Glide 2

Inmotion V5F Solowheel Glide 2 Montage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apart from the badge, are there any major differences  between the Inmotion V5F & the Glide 2?
    No, they virtually identical to each other. There’s a few aesthetic flourishes to the G2 that are/were not available on the V5F, like the more attractive protective cover & access to the improved Solowheel App.
  • Will the V5F+ be available? What makes the it the ‘+’ ?
    Two years ago, eWheels commissioned Inmotion to a version with the LG MH1 3.2Ah cells, instead of the standard Samsung 22P cells that are used in the regular V5F. This gave 160Wh, or 8 extra miles. However, the Glide 2’s were only ever made in a single color (black) & battery type, the 22Ps. Performance of the battery cells are the same for both types, spec’d at a 10A output.
  • The ‘Official’ specification of the V5F/G2, has it’s carrying weight limit of 265lb. but here it is recommended for up to 180lb, what is the reason for this disparity in spec?  
    We’ve sold a couple hundred V5Fs, in 2016-2017; over that period, the statistical evidence was that while this model is acceptable for Riders under 180lb, beyond this territory, the control-board had a higher risk of failure with loads exceeding 200lb. In the interests of our Customer’s safety, we strongly advise that it be used for lighter Riders, or if heavier Riders do learn with it, that they wear adequate safety gear to protect them from mishaps.
  • How effective is the water resistance properties on the Solowheel Glide 2?
    Quite good, the general recommendation is that you can use it in a light sprinkling, but to avoid heavy rain, standing water, & the Wheel stored in doors. 
  • Can I take the 14D aboard commercial flights?
    Although each airline may have their own particular policy, the standard for taking battery powered goods aboard aircraft is that 1) the battery pack must be below 160Wh, 2) the battery must be removed. Unfortunately, neither of these requirements is met this this Wheel. It might be possible to take aboard, if you first remove the battery pack & send separately by courier, but you’ll need to get written confirmation from the airline if you’re considering doing this.
  • What’s included in the box?
    We will be shipping the Wheels with the protective cover, handle kit, & a pair of wrist-guards inside. The Glide 2 is also shipped with an instructional booklet & charger.
  • What type of warranty is offered with purchase?
    The Wheel is sold with a one year warranty for the parts & labour from the date of purchase. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $20-$50 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in either Tucson, AZ or San Diego, CA.  Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.