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Begode A2, 750Wh Battery, 1,000W Motor


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  • New: equipped with the all-new Samsung 50S high-power battery packs & choice of the street/knobby tires  
  • Cruising Speed: ~23-25MPH
  • Motor: 1,000W high-torque motor, a no-load max rotational speed of 33 MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Battery Pack: High-power Samsung 50S 750Wh/84V battery
  • Features: Highly water resistant, spiked pedals, tubeless 15″ tires, matrix-style tail lights, upgraded display, upgraded metal reinforced chassis.
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cruising speed cruising speed 23-25 MPH TBD
weight weight 41 lbs
charge time charge time 3-7 hours
max load max load 220 lbs
max load battery capacity 750WH
max load Max-Range 30 miles

Begode A2 Photos

Begode A2 Electric Unicycle

Fun, compact, sporty, affordable commuter wheel

The A2 is the newest 15-inch electric unicycle for EUC beginners and shorter-range commuters. It replaces the top-rated Begode MCM5 electric unicycle in their legacy franchise. The 84V 750Wh powered A2 weighs 41 lbs, is exceptionally water-resistant, and aims to win the entry-level ~25 MPH EUC market. The A2 design has a playful robotic aesthetic that appeals to new and experienced riders looking for a compact everyday cruiser to get around town quickly.

  • Designed to be a fun beginner wheel for the $1,000 category
  • Great for shorter distances, 1-10 miles rides
  • Compact and portable for easy stowage
Begode A2 Electric Unicycle

Begode’s New Entry-level Commuter

The Begode MCM5 has been known for years as the best affordable electric unicycle for beginners’ daily use. It has been praised for its power, portability, and dependability. After the sunset on the MCM5, Begode has finally followed up with the weather-friendly A2, a reimagined MCM5 that now boasts a 15” tire, a 750Wh lithium battery, and a high torque motor.

The design of this wheel draws inspiration from the MTEN4 chassis, along with the latest EX30 style pads, to give this model a futuristic and aggressive look. The bottom line is that the 23-25 MPH A2 is designed to be a fun, compact, sporty, short-range cruiser that withstands unexpected rain during daily commutes. The A2 looks like a fun primary or secondary option for commuting; new and experienced riders will look to the A2 as a compact and easy option to run errands with up to 20–30 miles of riding range. 

  • Next Iteration of the MCM5 series
  • Rated for high water resistance, demonstrated by Begode marketing videos
  • Great power/weight option for beginners riders


The 1000-watt drivetrain of the A2 is ideal for people looking to make short trips around the neighborhood, run errands, and commute to work. The A2’s powertrain and 15-inch tires will provide plenty of low-end torque; riders can expect to traverse hills with them and enjoy zippy off-the-line acceleration. Smaller wheels are quicker and more responsive, making it easy for riders to carve on smooth ground.

Although Begode has not yet released the top speed spec, we expect the A2 to cruise between 15 and 23MPH comfortably, more than enough speed for the average commuter.

  • High torque motor great for quick acceleration and hill climbing
  • Nimble and lightweight for responsive handling
  • Comfortable cruising speeds of 15-25 MPH, 25 MPH top speed
  • Motor specs and controller coming soon
MODEL: Begode A2 Begode MCM5 Begode MTEN4
Power: 1,000W 1,500W 1,000W
Speed: 27 mph 27 mph 25 mph
Range: 31 miles 34 miles 31 miles
Battery: 750WH 800WH 750WH
Weight: 41 lbs 37 lbs 28 lbs
Price: $1,350 $1,350 $1,150
Model: Inmotion V11 Inmotion V12 HT Inmotion V12 HS
Power: 2,200W HT 2,800W HT 2,500W HS
Speed: 30+ mph 37+ mph 40+ mph
Range: 57+ miles 70+ miles 70+ miles
Battery: 1,500WH 1,750WH 1,750WH
Weight: 59 lbs 64 lbs 64 lbs
Price: $1,999 $2,199 $1,999
Begode A2 Electric Unicycle