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Turbowheel Dart, T9 600W/614Wh


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  • High performance 25MPH scooter

  • The Turbowheel Dart is the eWheels successor to our best selling Speedway Mini4. It matches the key specifications of the Mini4 but with better acceleration, more features & has a front disc brake! 

  • The LG 614Wh battery pack can provide up to 30 miles distance at moderate cruising speed

  • A new color Dashboard, atmospheric LED strips along the underside of the deck & the front of the stem, the Dart looks absolutely stunning  

  • Continuing eWheels mission to provide our Customers with the most cutting edge Personal Rideables, the Dart is probably the best sub-$1000 eScooter being sold within the US

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

TurboWheel Dart Manual

Introducing the Turbowheel Dart

Turbowheel Dart vs Speedway Mini4


  • Front Disc Brake: similar to the Mini4, the Turbowheel Dart has a rear drum-brake & regenerative braking system, but in addition, the Dart also possesses a higher performance front disc brake for added stopping power
  • Larger Tires: the high-quality 8 1/2″ Hota tires provide the perfect balance between weight & performance over various terrain surfaces
  • Improved Suspension: the Dart uses a dual shock-damper system (instead of springs like the Mini4) to provide a smoother, less jarring ride  
  • Aesthetics: offered in black & red accent, the Dart really stands out from the typical eScooter. It also sports multiple illuminated blue LED strips positioned in the handlebar stem & under the deck, which also serve to give greater awareness/visibility, particularly while riding in low lighting  
  • Easier Maintenance: the battery & controller are accessed from the top deck plate, which is easier than the previous method on the Mini4 of having to strip the scooter completely apart. Furthermore, the motor has a quick-connector accessible right at the rear of the scooter.   


  • Weight is 3.5lb heavier than the Mini4: coming in at 39.5, the Dart is slightly heavier than the Mini4, but still very manageable for taking up stairs, or in the trunk of a car.   

Turbowheel Dart LG M26 Battery Pack vs Sincpower 2600

LG Battery Pack vs Sincpower

One the key improvements that’s offered on the Turbowheel Dart, over the same scooter with other branding, is that battery pack is composed of LG M26 battery cells, instead of the Chinese Sincpower 2600. On paper these cells are virtually identical, with a 2.6Ah capacity, 10A output; the advantage of the LG cells is that they’re backed up by a multi-billion dollar company, with state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facilities to ensure absolute consistency from one production batch to another. It is not known how well the Sincpower cells will hold up over time, since there’s no published datasheet on the cells.

Turbowheel Dart- Illuminated Backdrop
Turbowheel Dart- Montage

How Does It Compare?

eWheels Entry Level Electric Scooter Feature & Performance Comparison Technical Specifications Buyer's Guide
Turbowheel eScooter Scooter Comparison Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are you discontinuing the Speedway Mini4?
    There’s a number of reasons, the main ones are that the Mini4 has proven to be somewhat of a ‘high-maintenance’ scooter, also the lack of front brake on the Mini4 is not ideal. Analyzing all the Pros/Cons of both models, the Dart offers significant improvements in nearly every area for the same price.
  • Is the Turbowheel Dart the same Scooter as the Zero 9 offered overseas?
    Yes, except in the Turbowheel Dart the scooter will possess several improvements, most significantly the battery pack will be assembled using the LG MG26 cells for greater reliability & performance than those found in the Zero 9, which have the Chinese produced Sincpower cells.   
  • Are solid rubber tires available for the Dart?
    Not at this time, in the unique 8.5″ diameter wheel size, these are currently only available as air-tires. However, these Hota tires are of a higher quality than the previous 8″ air tire on the Mini4.
  • Will there be a trolley kit available as there is on the Mini4?
    Yes, we’ll be providing these to our Customers around May.
  • Is there a seat available for Dart? 
    Yes, expected by mid-May
  • Is the Dart water-resistant, can I use it in the rain?
    The Manufacturer’s recommendation is that you try to avoid excessively wet conditions, puddles & standing water. During assembly, the factory has sealed up the entry points to the battery compartment, etc; however, if it is very wet, water may find its way into the sensitive interior, resulting in water related damage. 
  • How many charge/discharge cycles can one expect from the battery pack? 
    This depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the Rider, high usage of regenerative braking, frequent hill use, how hard it’s driven, weather conditions (freezing temperatures are not ideal for Li-ion batteries), & most importantly the end-point charging voltage. If you use the 5A fast-charger & set the termination point to 80%, this single action alone can extend the lifespan of the battery by up to 4-5 times! The other benefit of partial charging, is that it lowers the risk of degrading your battery pack through the use of regenerative braking on a full charge.
  • What are the ‘Gears’, how do they correspond to the speed
    Although there are no physical gears, because it’s a direct drive hub motor, there are the three virtual gears that allow the Rider to quickly set the top speeds to 15, 18, and 25mph respectively. This is could be useful if lending the scooter to a friend or family member to try out.
  • Is cruise-control available, how does this work?
    The P17 setting enables/disabled cruise-control. When enabled & you hold the throttle engaged at the same speed for up to 5 seconds, the scooter will continue to sustain the speed after you release the throttle. Pulling either the throttle or the brake will disengage the cruise control. Please be advised, that using cruise-control can be dangerous if not used correctly!
  • Can the LEDs colors be changed?
    The LED elements are integrated with the front headlight. Pressing & holding the ‘Mode’ button for 3 seconds will enable the lights. The colors are set to blue under the deck & a whitish-blue on the handlebar stem. 
  • Will you be offering spare parts? What spares will I expect to need over time?
    Yes, part of being a ‘full service’ Company is that we offer the largest selection of spare parts for all our products. You will be able to find a list of available parts through our online store.
  • What type of warranty offered?
    We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $50-$150 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by all our products with a full one year warranty. Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.

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