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Begode Tesla V3 1,500Wh Battery/2000W Motor


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  • New: Integrated dash display, bluetooth Stereo speaker box, improved rear tail-light  
  • 50% more battery capacity from V2, 1,020Wh to 1,500Wh upgrade
  • Shipped with our exclusive LiTech battery packs with Korean imported Samsung 50E cells
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Begode Tesla V3 vs Inmotion V10F vs King Song 16S Comparison Technical Specifications

What’s New in the Gotway Tesla V3:

The Tesla V3 is somewhat of an outlier among its class: dimensionally it has a similar volume to the V10F, or King Song 16S, but packaged with a pair of battery packs twice as large as the 16S & 50% greater than the V10F. While the max potential cruising speed is 6MPH higher than the V10F & 9MPH more of the 16S. In short, the Begode Tesla V3 is the equivalent of a compact sports car among 16″ Wheels.     

  1. More Battery Range/Power: on the V3, the battery pack was changed from using the 18650 to 21700 type cells, with 2x 750Wh (20s2p) per side, for a total of 1,500Wh. These eWheels Teslas are using the higher quality imported Korean Samsung 50E cells & upgraded BMS designed for higher safety in mind.  
  2. New Hollow Motor: this updated motor is designed to offer higher peformance, in not being restricted with the gauge of phase wire to fit through the axle to the stator, & better protected bearings for lower overall maintainance;
  3. Bluetooth Speaker: stream your favourite tunes on the go
  4. Integrated Dashboard: at a glance displays the current speed, odometer, controller temperature & ride mode;
Begode Tesla Display Dashboard Telemetry Output Readings
Begode Tesla V3 Technical Information
Gotway Tesla 1020Wh

All New Battery Packs

Our Begoe Wheels are fitted with an all new battery architecture in an attempt to improve battery safety, reliability & longevity of the most expensive component found in a Wheel. These are produced exclusively for us by LiTech Power, according to a stringent set of requirements to provide the safest battery packs found today in an Electric Unicycle.

About LiTech Power:
– Founded in 2002, 18 years of operation
– Over 350 employees, with R&D offices in the China & Germany
– Production of over 540,000 >1kWh packs each year  

Here is an overview summary of the new improvements & capabilities found in these battery packs:

  • Imported Korean Samsung 50E cells—the Begode packs use the LG M50LT, which are comparable, but made in China… 
  • Short detection/protection, transient threshold at 300-450A 
  • Back up inline 30A physical fuses
  • Each pack fitted with 5x temperature probes & buzzers to alert at a 65°C level & shut-off when the temps exceed 75°C
  • Voltage differential management for packs of unequal voltage, no balance lead required
  • Improved cell-holders for better survivability in the event of crash
  • Upgraded pure nickel strips that are both thicker & wider to withstand higher currents with less resistance—Begode had used ‘inferior plated’ strips on at some of their packs   
  • Automated weld production methods for consistent quality
  • Capacity & stress-testing processe done at the pack level after assembly  
LiTech External Pack Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech BMS Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
Advanced Electric Unicycle, Dimensions Weight Comparison, v1. Gotway Tesla V3 T3, Inmotion V10F, King Song 16X, Inmotion V12, S18, V11, 18XL, Begode RS 19. v1.3