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Begode Nikola+ 1,451Wh Molicel/2,000W Motor, 3″ Wide Tire


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Now shipped with the upgraded Molicel P42a 2x 726Wh battery pack = 1,451Wh total with up to 4x more power than the standard Begode LG M50LT cells
– Benefits of upgraded cells: massively increased power across all voltage ranges, improved hill-climbing, higher sustained max high-speed, larger safety margin, cell longevity, & faster charging potential
– Bonus: wrist-guards included as standard with all our Electric Unicycles

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Overview of the Begode Nikola+

King Song 16X vs Gotway Nikola, Setting New Standards v1.3

The Nikola+ slots into the mid-high classification in the Wheel line-up: it may not be the fastest, or longest range Wheel being produced today, but as a practical everyday [fun] means of getting about it, possesses the capabilities that has a great appeal to both new & experienced Riders alike for practicality, while have a decent performance margin over its competitor, with the 16X.  

  • Power & Range Specs: between the heavy-weights in the Electric Unicycle world—Begode, King Song, & Inmotion—there has been a convergence towards a similar class of 16×3″ Wheel, of comparable specification & features. Over the years this class of Wheel has proven to be among the most popular choice among owners for it’s balance of capabilities in a package that is not too unweidly, or priced out reach for most prospective buyers.  
  • 16×3″ Wide Tire: the traditional width tire in the 14-16″ Wheels was 2.125-2.5″. With the introduction of the Nikola & 16X (at around the same time) it introduced a whole new ride experience providing for excellent stability, while not sacrificing the maneuverability/control attributes normally associated in this size of Wheel.     
  • Design: taking inspiration from the most successful designs, such as the Inmotion V8, the Nikola tries to improve upon this with the high-density (more LED elements) ring, that goes around the whole perimeter of the wheel, giving a more striking futuristic effect. 
  • Other Features: the Nikola+ was the first Begode Wheel to integrate Bluetooth Music into the Wheel, with 2x 25W speakers facing inside of the Wheel housing.
    Another Unique feature to the Nikola is an integrated voltmeter positioned in the side panel; this gives you a much better sense of the state-of-charge than the meter bars, or the inconvenience of having to pull out a phone to check the battery reading.
    The folding handle is an efficient design that does not compromise water-resistance. While the under-handle, push-to-disengage button is useful when picking the Wheel without having to power off to disable the motor from spinning up.  

All New Battery Packs

Our Nikola+ are fitted with an all new battery architecture in an attempt to improve battery safety, reliability & longevity of the most expensive component found in a Wheel. These are produced exclusively for us by LiTech Power, according to a stringent set of requirements to provide the safest battery packs found today in an Electric Unicycle.

About LiTech Power:
– Founded in 2002, 18 years of operation
– Over 350 employees, with R&D offices in the China & Germany
– Production of over 540,000 >1kWh packs each year  

Here is an overview summary of the new improvements & capabilities found in these battery packs:

  • Imported Korean Samsung 50E cells—the Begode packs use the LG M50LT, which are comparable, but made in China… 
  • Short detection/protection, transient threshold at 300-450A 
  • Back up inline 30A physical fuses
  • Each pack fitted with 5x temperature probes & buzzers to alert at a 65°C level & shut-off when the temps exceed 75°C
  • Voltage differential management for packs of unequal voltage, no balance lead required
  • Improved cell-holders for better survivability in the event of crash
  • Upgraded pure nickel strips that are both thicker & wider to withstand higher currents with less resistance—Begode had used ‘inferior plated’ strips on at some of their packs   
  • Automated weld production methods for consistent quality
  • Capacity & stress-testing processe done at the pack level after assembly  
LiTech External Pack Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech BMS Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
Advanced Electric Unicycle, Dimensions Weight Comparison, v1. Gotway Tesla V3 T3, Inmotion V10F, King Song 16X, Inmotion V12, S18, V11, 18XL, Begode RS 19. v1.3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the implications of the new battery packs eWheels are providing in these Wheels? Is there a reduction in range, performance, will the warranty be affected?
    The capacity/performance is the same as those used by Begode, both use the 21700 format 5Ah cells, with the near identical performance traits. Begode had rounded up the true capacity of 2x 864Wh packs to 1800Wh, the true capacity is in fact 1728Wh. These packs are expected to be more reliable, better built, safer & provide improved reliaiblity to those provided by the factory. We offer a one year warranty, from date of shipment, including the packs, see warranty section for further details about terms & conditions. 
  • What is max rate of charge?
    This machine is wired with 2x pairs of wires on GX16-5 connector, supporting up to 8A of charge current, this equates to under 2 hrs to 80% charge, from 0%, & about 3hrs from 0-100V. Using the stock 3A charger is about 5hrs to 80%. Charging at a greater rate than 8A is not recommended.     
  • Are these Wheels fitted with the newer/upgraded controller?
    Yes, the Nikola+ is equipped with the high-powered HY5012W MOSFET