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King Song S18, 903Wh Battery/2200W Motor, Suspension


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  • Now equipped with the Molicel P42a battery pack, with up to >4x more battery power over the standard LG M50LT cells
  • King Song’s  bold exoskeleton styled Electric Unicycle, with full-body suspension
  • Key specs: full-body suspension, 1,110Wh battery, 2,200W motor, 31MPH max speed, 18×3″ tire 
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KS S18 Suspension in Action

Comparison of the King Song S18 vs V11

Inmotion V11 vs King Song S18 Electric Unicycle Comparison & Specs

The Inmotion V11 was announced about a week before the King Song S18, so how do these two new suspension Wheels stack up against each other on paper? In the graphic on the left is a side-by-side comparison of the different design philosophies the two Companies have taken in producing their first suspension Wheel. In short, King Song’s S18 is intended as a comparatively short range ‘sport’ vehicle, with emphasis on being nimble & light, while the V11 offers a larger sized battery pack (the largest produced by Inmotion to date), which could be considered more a Cruiser. 

  • Suspension: On paper the S18 has an extra 30mm of vertical travel, 100mm vs 70mm on the V10. Both the S18 & V11 have air suspension that can be adjusted according to the Rider’s weight and/or ride performance. The S18 has a superior suspension system.
  • Battery & Range: the Inmotion V11 packs in an additional 20x LG M50T/18.75Wh 21700 type battery cells within the shell, this compares with the S18’s 60x cells of the same type. All other factors being equal, the V11 has greater range
  • Max Speed & Motor Power: there are several factors that determine a machine’s true power capability, including the number of parallel battery cells, voltage, controller’s rate-limiting, & the motor itself—a higher wattage motor does not necessarily translate into a higher operating speed. With the higher number of battery cells, the V11 offers a larger margin of power over the S18. 
  • Retractable/folding Handle: here the two models have adopted very different solutions for their trolley handle: the V11 has an external ‘scorpion’ style, which appears improved over the earlier V10/V5F type, while the S18 has the retractable telescopic rails extend through the Wheel’s body, similar to earlier models. The S18s handle is better centered, but is also more fragile.
  • Lighting: both designs have jettisoned the typical side LED atmospheric light-show of models, in favour of dramatically increased headlight—in the case of Inmotion, taillight too—luminosity. The S18 has a unique high-beam/low-beam headlight, that dips when there’s an oncoming light source. Both the S18 & V11 offer substantially higher illumination than found on earlier models.  
  • Weight: in this category, the King Song S18 has a clear advantage in being 4.5lb lighter than the V11. 
  • Misc: there are unique features found on both models, the V11 has an integrated folding stand, to keep the Wheel upright, each comes with the same 2.5A/84V XVE fanless charger & are fitted with large  >9″ grippy pedals & the lift for motor disengagement function.   

Key Features of the S18

King Song S18, Presentation & Specs. Page 1
King Song S18, Presentation & Specs. Page 2
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