NEW: Ninebot-Segway ES2/ES4. 187Wh Battery/300W Motor

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  • ES2 is rising rapidly to become one of the best selling Electric Scooters of all time

  • Packed full of features

  • Respectable specifications, gives you the option to purchase the basic Scooter first & then upgrade the battery to give you greater speed, range, performance at a manageable upgrade cost.

  • Cruise-control, both regenerative & mechanical braking, Bluetooth App, atmospheric LEDs, riding lights, kickstand, this Scooter is fully loaded & ready to go!

  • eWheels are delighted to be the first to offer the expandable ES2 & ES4 battery pack combo in North America


Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Ninebot ES2 Scooter Manual

What Makes the ES2 Unique

Key Features of the ES2

How Does It Compare?

Dashboard Information Screeen

The backlit LCD Dashboard gives you an overview of the Scooter’s vital stats, like the speed, Bluetooth status, power mode, & battery level.
It’s designed to be visible in direct sunlight & from a variety of angles. 

You can activate the front/rear lighting by pressing & holding the power button down for 2 seconds.
Other configuration setup can be performed from within the Ninebot App.

Overview of the Ninebot/Segway ES2

Transforming the ES2 into the ES4 in Seconds

The coolest feature that made the ES2 attractive to us at eWheels, is the external battery pack option. Ninebot markets the ES2 + battery pack as the ES4.
There are a few other products where you can plug in an external pack, to supplement the primary, but what is exceptional about the implementation on the ES2, is that the controller adapts its maximum speed & power once you plug it in. Furthermore, these batteries can be charged independently of each other, thus doubling the charge rate, minimizing downtime for waiting to top up your Scooter.

Ninebot claims that the two batteries can be used at different charge levels; if this is true, it means you can also slot in the external one, to continue your journey, if the integrated pack is running low. From our fairly extensive experience with battery powered transport, we’d recommend keeping both pack at the same level for maximum performance.

The Ninebot App

Ninebot’s App is available on both IOS & Android, one of the better Apps produced for the Electric Transport manufacturers. 

  • Motor locking Anti-theft:
    When you set the ‘lock’, it prevents the motor from moving. Obviously it’s not fool-proof, you still need to physically lock the Scooter to prevent someone from picking it up & walking off with it.w 
  • Lighting Configuration:
    Use the App to set the lighting color, theme of the atmospheric under running-board LEDs. With this feature, you can personalize your Scooter in minutes, to set your unique finishing touch to it. 
  • Unit Setting:
    Available options are either KPH (Metric) or MPH (Imperial)
  • Energy Recovery Level:
    This is ‘passive’ braking, on releasing the throttle control, the motor applies a weak braking force through the regenerative system. There are three different levels that can be applied: weak, medium, strong. 
  • Cruise Control, Enable/Disable:
    Once enabled, by maintaining the speed for 5 seconds, the Scooter will continue that speed when you take you finger off the throttle. It can be deactivated by pressing the throttle again, or the brake control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I see that the ES2 is UL2272 Certified, what does this mean?
    The UL2272 standard was created in early 2016, as response to concerns about the safety of ‘Hoverboards’. Since then, the standard has been adapted for other equipment such as electric Scooters. In purchasing a UL certified device, gives you some additional assurance that the Scooter will not catastrophically fail when faced with an extreme loads & has other safety monitoring/handling incorporated into the system. 
  • I purchased an ES2 from somewhere else, can I buy the extra battery pack here?
    Unfortunately, owing to limited supply, we are only able to offer the external battery to our Customers.
  • What are the Pros/Cons of using Electrical vs. heel brakes?
    While modern battery technology are capable of producing a large amounts of power, they are very sensitive to the rate of charge-energy that is put back into them. To illustrate, the specification of the cells that are used in this model Scooter are 10A output but only 1.5A charge rate. When you use the electrical brake, the Scooter’s motor acts as a generator, which can cause large spikes of output, this has a detrimental effect to the lifespan of the battery pack. The mechanical heel brake on the other hand, is better for the long term life of the battery, but is less precise & lacks the same degree of stopping force  
  • What type of warranty is available on the ES2?
    One of the distinguishing selling points in buying from eWheels, is that we have a dedicated servicing center in Arizona to deal with warranty related issues, this covers parts & labour but not the shipping costs, which may be between $30-$105 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair centre. It does not cover consumables such as the tire. Exclusions to the warranty are where there is evidence of water damage, abuse, or commercial use. 
  • Will you be offering spare parts?
    Yes, we have 20+ different parts, nearly everything needed to reconstruct a scooter from scratch. These will be posted onto the parts section of the website in a couple weeks.
  • Can I take the Scooter on a plane?
    Unfortunately not. The maximum permitted battery size on a commercial airline is 160Wh, & it needs to be removable, neither condition of which is met with this Scooter.   

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