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  • High performance dual-1000W motors, 40 MPH scooter

  • The Turbowheel Lightning is an ‘Economy’ high performance dual-motor Electric Scooter

  • Estimated range of the 957Wh battery pack can provide up to 38 miles distance, or 1165Wh with the LG 22.4Ah option, for up to 46 miles of range

  • Main features: large 10″x 2.5″ tires, excellent suspension, dual-disc brakes, key security, deck headlights, separate voltimeter, large color dashboard, . 

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58.8v/5A Rapid-charger

Multi-function charger, for 3x faster charging, full details here:

XTasy Folding Handlebar

Collapsible fold-in handlebar extensions

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Technical Specifications

TurboWheel Lightning Manual v1.6
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  • High Performance eScooter: the dual-1000W motors provides the Lightning with a tremendous amount of power for high speed cruising, upwards of 40MPH, & the capability to take on take on some of the steepest road gradients you’ll likely to encounter.     
  • Suspension: both the front & rear wheels have suspension, the front uses torsion bar, similar to that found on a Dualtron scooters, while the rear has both a spring & hydraulic damper with adjustable screw setting. The large 10×2.5″ tires also help to absorb much of the impact from the road’s surface to the riding deck.  
  • Safety & Security: for braking, the Lightning is fitted with front & rear disc brakes, in addition to the regenerative braking power from the motors. There are integrated front & rear deck lights (if riding at night, you will want to attach a brighter handlebar mounted headlight as well). The rear lights have a pulse mode when the brakes are tapped, to alert those behind of your presence & to anticipate you slowing down.
  • Extra features: like the Hornet, the Lightning is fitted with both a key ignition switch & the a separate voltage readout display, these are not found on the more expensive models. 
  • Value for Money: in the large dual-motor Dualtron equivalents, the Turbowheel Lighting offers similar capabilities to the Dualtron EX at a $690 lower cost, it’s probably the best valued eScooter in its’ class right now. 


  • Weight: at 77lb the Lightning is a very heavy scooter, 15lb more than a similarly spec’d Dualtron EX2. The handlebar does not lock onto the deck, making handling of the scooter, while not in the handlebar upright position, a bit cumbersome.   
  • Handlebars extensions do not fold down: several of the latest generation high-end scooters feature folding handlebars, such as the Dualtron 3 & Thunder. One advantage of the static handlebar is that they tend to be more sturdy, but at the same time take up more space at the widest point. We will be offering an optional fold-in handlebar at the end of August.     
  • Sincpower battery cells: in the cheaper variant, the Lightening is fitted with the smaller 18.2Ah/52V battery pack from the Chinese battery manufacturer called Sincpower. This brand is not as well established as one of the alternative big three of Panasonic, LG, Samsung, but there are now millions of vehicles that use this manufacturers battery packs. There is less certainty about the longevity of the battery pack beyond 300-500 charge cycles.  

A Closer Look at the Turbowheel Lightning

A Closer Look at the Turbowheel Lightning

How Does the Lightning Compare?

Electric Scooter Comparison Chart Table of Specifications, Dualtron, Speedway, Turbowheel, Ninebot Inmotion, Thunder, Zero 10X, Zero 9, Dart, Hornet, Lightning

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the deposit refundable to change to a different scooter or cancel?
    Yes, the deposit is fully refundable at any time, or can be transferred over to a different product if you choose.
  • Can I upgrade the Battery from the Sincpower 18.2A to LG 22.4Ah Battery pack?
    Yes, existing Customers can purchase these batteries in early August for $830 inclusive of shipping. 
  • Other sites list the capacity of the LG Battery as 24Ah, here it’s specified as a 22.4Ah, which one is correct?
    The LG battery pack uses the LG MH1, these have a nameplate capacity of 3.2Ah each x 7 cells in parallel = 22.4Ah
  • Is this the same scooter as the Zero 10X?
    Yes, the Zero is the Singapore rebranded version of the T10-DDM from the manufacturer. Both Zero & Turbowheel are branded versions of the T10-DDM.     
  • How waterproof is the Lightning, can I use it in the rain?
    The Manufacturer’s recommendation is that you try to avoid excessively wet conditions, puddles & standing water. During assembly, the factory has sealed up the entry points to the battery compartment, etc; however, if it is very wet, water may find its way into the sensitive interior, resulting in water related damage. 

  • Do you ship outside of North America 
    Unfortunately not at this time. 
  • Can the tires be upgraded to 10″ x 3″? 
    Yes, there’s a wider 3″ tire available. However, based on manufacturer evaluation, it does not perform handle as well as the stock 2.5″ tire.
  • Is there a seat available for the Lightning? 
    An option seat kit will be available in late August for $125. 
  • How many charge/discharge cycles can one expect from the battery pack? 
    This depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the Rider, high usage of regenerative braking, frequent hill use, how hard it’s driven, weather conditions (freezing temperatures are not ideal for Li-ion batteries), & most importantly the end-point charging voltage. If you use the 5A fast-charger & set the termination point to 80%, this single action alone can extend the lifespan of the battery by up to 4-5 times! The other benefit of partial charging, is that it lowers the risk of degrading your battery pack through the use of regenerative braking on a full charge.
  • With the dual-charger inputs, what is recommended maximum rate of charge? 
    We offer an optional 58v/5A rapid-charger for the scooter (see below), which represents roughly a 1:1 ratio of charge to ride time, this is about 3x higher than the stock charger.
  • What type of warranty is provided?
    We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $80-$200 (round-trip within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by all our products with a full one year warranty. Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.

Lightnings Under Construction

Turbowheel Lightning- Under-production
Turbowheel Lightning- Under-production, 2

Folded & Unfolded Dimensions

Electric Scooter Dimensions & Weight Comparison Summary Graphic, v1.3

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Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 12.6 × 20 in
Battery Capacity

18Ah/52V 957Wh, $500 Deposit, 22.4Ah/52V 1165Wh


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