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King Song S22 Pro, 1,776WH Battery, 4,000W Motor, Suspension


  • NEW: 4,000W motor, 43.5MPH top speed
  • Price: $3,200
  • Upgrades: New updates will include upgraded pinned motor & roller slider-kits
  • Battery: 1,776Wh/126V Samsung 40T battery pack, with SmartBMS
  • Tires: 20″ tire, available in either street or knobby
  • Suspension: DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock, with 130mm of travel
  • Weight: Estimated weight: 77 lbs
  • Features: spiked pedals, integrated adjustable PowerPads, up to 10A rapid-charging (5A included), built-in kickstand
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cruising speed cruising speed 43.5+ MPH
weight weight 77 lbs
charge time charge time 4+ hours
max load max load 265 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,776WH
max load Max-Range 50-70 miles
King Song S22 Pro: Product Brochure

King Song S22 Pro Specification Summary Table

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