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Begode EX30, 3,600WH Battery, 4,000W Motor, Suspension


  • Batch 3 EX30s in Stock
  • Battery: 3,600WH battery pack with Samsung 50E cells, Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors, battery pack redundancy, voltage alarms
  • Motor: 4,000W high-torque motor, a no-load max rotational speed of 75.8MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Controller: 36xMOSFETS (TO-263), 7 Capacitors
  • Suspension: 4th generation Begode shock system, with the rebound providing up to 100mm of travel
  • Tires: Choice of 20″ knobby or street tire
  • Pedals: XL spiked pedals
  • Chassis: Reinforced open-face design, improved water resistance
  • Features: Height adjustable seat, carry handles, integrated kickstand, and more
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cruising speed cruising speed 55+ mph
weight weight 101 lbs.
charge time charge time 12 hours
max load max load 330 lbs.
max load battery capacity 3,600WH
max load Range 100 miles (under ideal conditions)

Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Ready for action.

The Begode EX30 is an exceptionally potent 55 MPH electric unicycle with a strengthened open-face chassis, thick 20″ tires, 100mm adjustable suspension, a 3,600WH Samsung battery pack, and a powerful 4KW C40 high torque motor. Depending on the acceleration style, it has a top speed of 55 mph and a range of up to 90 miles on a single charge. The Begode EX30 is also highly configurable, with various aftermarket accessories and add-ons, such as side pads, pedals, and even fairings! The EX30 is a sleek and compelling alternative to conventional e-bikes, e-scooters, and even automobiles. The EX30 is the ultimate electric wheel for high-speed urban commuting and extended off-road excursions.

Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Worlds Fastest Wheels

The 134V Begode EX30 is a popular electric unicycle among riders due to its unique design, powerful motor, and general modularity. Touted as the world’s fastest electric unicycle, it should be no surprise that this is one of the most popular EUCs in our inventory; the original batch sold out overnight. The EX30 is appreciated for numerous reasons.

First, the EX30 has a potent and responsive 4kW motor that can achieve a top speed of 55 mph, making for an exciting and enjoyable ride at low and high speeds. It has a range of over 90 miles on a single charge, making it a practical and dependable method of transportation for city commutes and weekend excursions. The EX30 boasts a sporty and unique design, with a 100 lbs. open-face frame and 20-inch knobby tires that give it a futuristic and aggressive appearance.

Additionally, the Begode brand has a strong, engaged, and dedicated community, with many owners customizing and altering their wheels to match their unique style and tastes, making the Begode EX30 a highly personalized and customizable electric vehicle. As one of the heaviest and most potent electric wheels in our inventory, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our next shipment from China!

  • Our 2nd batch of 50 units is on its way to our warehouses!
  • One of the world’s most robust suspension electric wheels
  • It developed as a statement wheel, emphasizing sheer power and muscle without any extras.
  • This wheel represents the culmination of begode engineering over the years.
  • Design of an open chassis with reinforced alloys.
  • All chassis and material weights are nullified by low-end power.
  • Compared to other suspension wheels on the market, its modular construction makes it simpler to maintain.
  • It is the successor to the Master series (T4, EX20S) and boasts a shellless design, exposed battery casings, updated fourth-generation suspension, and a potent 134V powertrain.
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle


4,000W C40 High Torque Motor

The EX30 is powered by Begode’s newly developed 4kW C40 high-torque motor, making it one of the world’s most potent wheels. Its motor provides the unicycle with powerful and rapid acceleration, capable of achieving a top speed of 50+ mph on its highest setting; few wheels can reach this speed so effortlessly. The side pads and foot pedals control the responsive motor, allowing the user to alter the unicycle’s forward and reverse speed and power output.

The Begode EX30 also includes a newly built 134V controller that utilizes 36xMOSFETS and seven capacitors to produce the smoothest power delivery ever seen in a Begode electric wheel. The powertrain is powered by a Samsung battery pack with a capacity of 3,600WH that can give an unending number of miles for high-speed and long-range pleasure.

The Begode EX30’s motor is one of its most crucial features. It provides the unicycle with the power and speed required for a quick, entertaining, exciting, and exhilarating ride for enthusiasts who choose performance over accessories.

  • 55 MPH wheel, light riders have reported reaching 59+ MPH
  • C40 motors give quick power and acceleration; the wheel’s performance is unparalleled in its pricing range.
  • 134V controller voltage 36xMOSFETS and seven capacitors for smoother power distribution
  • Very potent and steady 50+ MPH wheel
  • Constant Power delivery with enhanced heat dissipation, even on steep ascents.
  • Lower-mounted battery packs and pedals allow more riding stability than other high-clearance suspension wheels.
Begode EX30 Sherman-S Commander Pro
Power: 4,000W 3,000W 3,500W
Speed: 55+ mph 50 mph 55+ mph
Max Range: 100+ miles 100+ miles 100+ miles
Battery: 134V 3,600WH 100V 3,600WH 134V 3,600WH
Weight: 101 lbs 96 lbs 94 lbs
Price: $3,999 $4,150 $3,999
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Battery Pack

3,600WH Samsung 50E

The Begode EX30 is powered by an externally attached 3,600WH Samsung 50E lithium-ion battery. The battery pack is encased in a water-resistant metal housing, increasing the wheel’s safety in inclement weather. The 134V battery gives the motor the necessary power to propel the unicycle away from the starting line.

The battery may be charged using a regular 134V 3A charger. The battery can provide a range of 90+ miles on a single charge, depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, and average speed. Charging the battery takes between 8 and 12 hours. The battery is detachable and can be switched or replaced in the future. In addition, the battery is encased in a metal casing with rubber gaskets for enhanced water resistance; this is a significant advance over prior models with plastic containers and no water resistance.

Ultimately, the Begode EX30’s battery is crucial to the unicycle’s power and agility, enabling users to go on longer, quicker, and more daring 60-90 mile excursions!

  • 134V system (C40 motor, Samsung batteries, 134V controller) allows for additional headroom and long-distance acceleration at high speeds.
  • Twin charging connections are located beneath the retractable handle of the rolling luggage.
  • The battery packs are positioned externally and housed in metal enclosures for added protection.
  • This wheel’s real-world range is between 60 and 90 miles per charge. It depends on how quickly you ride and how far you travel.
  • The Voltage alarms alert you if you achieve high speeds when your battery is low.
  • 3,600WH battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells (40T variant no longer available), Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors, battery pack redundancy, voltage alarms
  • Samsung 50E features higher density, higher discharge, and lower internal resistance than standard electric unicycle battery pack cells
Begode MTen4 Battery Comparison between Samsung 40T & 50E Cells
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle


The Begode EX30 is a feature-rich electric unicycle known for its souped-up exposed design, modularity components, and raw, relentless power. Among its notable features are the following:

  • Powerful Motor: The Begode EX30 has a 4KW C40 BLDC motor that can reach up to 55+ mph speeds, providing a fast and exhilarating ride.
  • Long-Range Battery: A 3,600WH (134V) lithium-ion battery powers the unicycle and can provide a range of up to 90+ miles on a single charge, depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, and speed.
  • Design: The Begode EX30 has a space fighter look and feel, with an exposed open-face chassis, sporty side pads, and 20″ knobby all-terrain tires mounted on a sleek reinforced alloy frame. It has a modular and customizable design, with various aftermarket accessories and add-ons available.
  • Off-Road Capability: The unicycle is built for off-road adventures, with wide, knobby tires that provide excellent traction and stability on both even and uneven terrain.
  • Customizability: The Begode EX30 is highly customizable, with many owners customizing and adding accessories to make their ride their own. The modularity allows riders to design a unicycle that is unique to their style and preferences.
  • Lighting: Front and Rear lighting for nighttime safety
  • Air Pump: Included as standard equipment to inflate suspension system
  • Integrated Seat: One of Begodes most comfortable seats, thicker and more sturdy than previous models
  • Side pads: The stock pads have a very nice aesthetic to the wheel, giving it its identity; while protecting it from drops. Many EX riders have opted to add aftermarket side pads for even more control.
  • Large LCD Display: The unicycle has a large LCD that shows the rider’s speed, battery life, distance, and other ride metrics in real-time.
  • Pedals: New Begode spiked pedals are thinner and lighter in weight

Overall, the Begode EX30 is a feature-rich electric unicycle that offers a powerful and exciting ride and versatility, customization, and practicality for daily commutes or weekend adventures.

Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Suspension System

Adjustable Air Shocks 100MM

The Begode EX30 has a complete air shock suspension system with up to 100mm of travel. The plush air suspension system is intended to provide a comfortable ride on smooth and rough roads. Many praise Begode’s latest suspension system as well-designed and practical, providing a relaxing and smooth ride on all types of roads.

  • The community has even praised Begode for improving the newer 4th generation suspension after the EX20, Hero, and Master.
  • While the air shock system is Begodes best offering, many Veteran Sherman-S riders prefer the mid-mounted oil system for an even smoother ride
  • Unlike the Veteran series’ mid-mounted Fastace suspension system, aftermarket suspension systems and linkage are available, with adjustable settings that allow riders to customize them to their preferences.
  • To date, the system has proven to be dependable, providing excellent comfort over the life of the unicycle.
Begode EX30 Electric UnicycleBegode EX30 Electric UnicycleBegode EX30 Electric Unicycle
Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle

Build Quality

The EX30 has exceeded our expectations regarding performance and build quality for a $4,000 machine. Many Begode fans consider it the apex model in their lineup, a collection of all their excellent engineering in one wheel, a 50 MPH wheel so good that it easily outperforms any competing 3,600WH model (ahem, Veteran).

The Begode EX30 is sturdy at low and high speeds; Many had doubts about pre-production but now can agree that Begode sourced high-quality components and materials used throughout. The modular reinforced frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, long-lasting, and super easy to work on. The motor, battery, and suspension on the unicycle are all high quality and have been rigorously tested for safety and reliability.

The 20″ knobby tires on the unicycle add to its stability and durability by providing excellent traction and shock absorption on rough terrain. The Begode EX30 has an excellent overall build quality, with a well-designed and well-built frame, high-quality components, and attention to detail throughout the unicycle. Many EUC riders have commented that the EX30 is a culmination of successes and learnings from previous models such as the Master, EX20, and Hero.

  • The EX30 is the most robust and highest-quality Begode wheel to date
  • Everything from its raw performance, quality components, and quality control make it a strong contender for the top 3,600WH wheel
  • Many of our customers have the tough decision of deciding between the EX30’s power and the Sherman-S suspension and finish
  • The first batch of EX30s has already sold out; reserve your machine and preorder today.
  • Many praise its solid build structure and quality control as one of the best Begode wheels.
  • Improved waterproofing for core components, battery packs, and controllers.
  • While the EX30 is not as refined as a Sherman or V13, what it lacks in design aesthetic more than makes up for in performance and modularity.
  • Upgrading and maintaining the EX30 is generally more accessible when compared to other premium suspension models
  • Front and rear lift handles make transportation easier.
  • Recessed lighting to prevent collisions
  • Heavier and more serious battery cases significantly improved over previous lighter-weight plastic cases.
  • The wheel is ready to ride right out of the box, whereas older Begode models require third-party components to be complete.
  • The unit comes with an air suspension pump.
  • Many EX30 riders add additional pads for more bite while keeping the stock ones