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EB Commander Pro, 3,600WH Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension


  • Stock: batch 4 in stock, with bonus red CNC 3pc handle set installed
  • Battery Pack: 3,600WH/134V battery pack with the Samsung 50E battery cells
  • Motor: 3,500W high-torque motor [7KW peak], the no-load max rotational speed of 70MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Controller: All new electronics/controller, 24x MOSFETs with 680A peak load!
  • Suspension: Adjustable suspension shock system, with a rebound, up to 90mm of travel.
  • Tires: Choice of 20″ knobby CST-186, or street Kenda 340A tire


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cruising speed cruising speed 55 MPH
weight weight 94.8 lbs
charge time charge time 7 hours to 80% (3A charger)
max load max load 320 lbs
max load battery capacity 3,600WH
max load Max-Range 100 miles
Extreme Bull Commaner Pro Suspension vs Veteran Sherman-S Specs Comparison

Extreme Bull Commander Pro Electric Unicycle

The 134V Commander Pro is the next generation of the large battery capacity Extreme Bull Commander. In many aspects, the CommanderPro share a significant amount of commonality with the Sherman-S—arguably created by Extreme Bull/Begode specifically to compete with the success of the Sherman(-S)—sharing a similar dual-piston suspension design, & build, EB has taken the approach of one-upmanship in making their machine with higher voltage to yield a higher speed potential, addition of Bluetooth speakers & upgraded acrylic CNC pedals. 

Examining the specific technical specifications, the Commander Pro edges out the Sherman-S!

  • One of the fastest electric unicycles on the market
  • 134V 3,600WH system rivals the Begode EX30, Veteran Sherman-S, and Veteran Patton
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Hydraulic dual-piston suspension system similar to the Veteran systems
  • Sleeper performance compared to many top-performing electric wheels on the market
  • Limited batch models in stock now, message us for more details
  • Performance: the 134V/32s battery pack has a ‘no load’ rotation speed of 70 MPH. With a 15 MPH safety-margin factor, it yields a maximum recommended cruising speed [at 100% charge level] of around 55 MPH—the CommanderPro’s performance matches the Master, but with a more fantastic range.
  • Suspension: sharing a similar dual-piston configuration to the Sherman-S, the CommanderPro possesses an innovative CNC roller block, which reduces rubbing with the internal structure.  
  • Bluetooth Speakers: if you enjoy riding to your favorite tunes, the CommanderPro brings back the music with stereo 5W top-mounted speakers
  • Upgraded Pedals: CNC acrylic pedals now come as standard equipment
Begode EX30 Begode EX30 Begode Extreme Begode Extreme Commander Pro Commander Pro
Power: 4,000W 3,500W 3,500W
Speed: 55+ mph 50+ mph 55+ mph
Max Range: 100+ miles 70+ miles 100+ miles
Battery: 3,600WH 2,400WH 3,600WH
Weight: 101 lbs TBD 94 lbs
Price: $3,999 $3,490 $3,999
King Song S22 King Song S19 King Song S18
Power: 4,000W 3,500W 2,200W
Speed: 43.5 mph 37 mph 31 mph
Range: 70 miles 90 miles 44.5 miles
Battery: 1,776WH 1,776WH 903WH
Weight: 77 lbs 70 lbs 55 lbs
Price: $3,200 $2,875 $2,280

Factory Quality Assurance

CommanderPro QC Inspection. Tire Alignment
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Oblique Top
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Front
CommanderPro QC Inspection. In box
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Contents
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Packaging
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Street Tire
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Battery Check
CommanderPro QC Inspection. Spin Test