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Gotway Tesla 16” v2 1020Wh/2000W Motor


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  • Tesla V2 Discontinued,  will be replaced by the Tesla V3 1,500Wh
  • Other under-the-hood improvements are improved controller, which is positioned on the side for easier maintenance like tire changes  
  • 1900W motor power output, a 30% increase over previous model, with 1020Wh 84V battery

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Technical Specifications

Table of Specifications of Current Electric Unicycles IPS Gotway Ninebot Segway King Song Inmotion Solowheel MTen3 Glide Glde2 Glide3 V8 V5F KS14D 14D KS14S 14S MCM5 MCM Tesla KS18XL 18XL 18L KS18L MSX MSuper Z10 Z6 Z6

What’s New in the Gotway Tesla:

  1. More Power than Ever Before: Gotway claim that this new motor can sustain 1900W of continuous power vs. 1300W in the ACMs+. While we’re somewhat sceptical of this higher figure, it will nonetheless be an improvement over the ACMs+ resulting in a more secure, stable & responsive ride than before;
  2. New Control-board: fitted with a bigger heat-sink with dual-cooling fans to dissipate unwanted parasitic heat from motor driver MOSFETs; there are several other under-the-hood improvements;
  3. Retractable Handle: now the Wheels is fitted with a telescopic retractable handle, so that you no longer have to drill an ugly external one into the shell, lug the 42lb deadweight around while not riding
  4. Atmospheric LEDs: there is a ring of programmable LEDs around each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;
Gotway Tesla 1020Wh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Height with the handle extended?
    When the retractable handle is fully extended, it’s 36″ from the floor to the handle. This compares quite favourably with other models like the Monster 29″, or the MSuper v3s+ at 33″ in the extended position.
  • Has the maximum speed been increased?
    Yes, Gotway claim the Tesla has a 7MPH higher speed margin (37MPH) over the ACMs+ (30MPH). Considering the minimal redundancy within an Electric Unicycle & that the probability of failure is not negligible, we strongly advise against pushing the speed/performance limits of a Wheel & keeping the speed down to within 30MPH while wearing protective equipment such as wrist/knee/elbow guards & a helmet.
  • Will you be offering the Tesla in lower capacity versions?
    The key selling point of this Wheel is its performance. Although there are single pack (340Wh/510Wh) options available from Gotway, to us, it doesn’t seem to sensible to package the Wheel with a battery that is unable to provide sufficient power for the other hardware. The pricing difference on the 850Wh & the 1020Wh is so marginal that, to us, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to provide these to our Customers.
  • Is the Telsa thinner than the ACMs+
    Yes, the Tesla dispenses with the 3/4″ side pads (per side) of the ACM & is also slightly more slender. Combined this results in width that is just under 8″ wide.
  • Weighing in at 42lb, it’s quite a heavy Wheel, how practical is it in the real-world?
    eWheel manufacturers have come to recognize that the retractable handle is now a necessity for Wheels weighing above 30lb. Wheeling around the Telsa by the handle is practically effortless, there are few instances where you would need to carry/lift when not ridding.
  • I noticed that the price of the Tesla is a bit more expensive than the 1300Wh ACMs+, why is that?
    Gotway say that the price increase is owing to the high input cost of the Tesla, more expensive motor & increased price of the battery packs. eWheels is committed to offering the most competitive prices available within the US.

Optional 5A/421W Rapid Charger

Benefits of the eWheels 5A Rapid-Charger

  • Capable of charging the Wheel up to 3.2x faster than the factory supplied one
  • When using the 80% or 90% partial charge settings, it can extend the usable life of the battery pack by up to 4x more than charging with a standard charger—this is what Electric Car makers do to maximize the useful life of the very expensive battery packs
  • What to go an extended outing & get the full capacity from your pack? No problem, simply change the toggle switch on the Charger to 100%
  • Large LCD screen displaying the voltage/amperage readout. Gives you instantaneous data about the State-of-Charge
  • One way to think about charging time, is the relative charge to cruising time. A Wheel typically consumes about 400W of average power when cruising at 20MPH on flat level ground. This 5A rapid charger gives you a usable charge-to-usage ratio of >1:1, compared with <3:1 with the factory’s charger. No more painful waiting around at a wall socket to top up your Wheel!
  • Supports input voltages of 110-240v (e.g. universal input)
Electric Unicycle Fast Charging vs Standard Charging

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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 23 in
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