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Begode T4/T4 PRO, 1,440/1,800Wh Battery, 2,500W Motor


  • Availability: V3/T4 PRO in Stock
  • Variant: available in several different combinations:
    1) V3: Samsung 40T high-power 1,440Wh, air shock, J802 knobby tire
    2) V3: Samsung 40T high-power 1,440Wh, air shock, CST-1773 hybrid tire
    3) T4 PRO: Samsung 50S high-power 1,800Wh, spring/coil shock, CST-CM518 tire
    4) T4 PRO: Samsung 50S high-power 1,800Wh, spring/coil shock, CST-CM518 tire, CNC Blue Handle-kit
  • T4 PRO Upgrades: highest possible spec, includes: upgraded 130mm Spring shock, Samsung 50S high-power battery packs, & CNC front/rear handles, total upgrade package worth >$500
  • v3 Shipped with Upgrades: current stock are the latest version with the metal battery cases, improved suspensions linkages & larger spiked pedals
  • Suspension: Suspension system with a rebound of 100mm of travel
  • V3 Tires: Choice of knobby [J802] or hybrid tire [CST-1773]
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cruising speed cruising speed 35 MPH
weight weight 70.6 lbs
charge time charge time 3-6 hours
max load max load 300 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,440WH
max load Max-Range 60 miles
Begode: T4 PRO QC Report
Begode T4 PRO vs T4 V3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of the T4 PRO vs the V3? 
    The T4 PRO is an iterative upgrade, according to Begode, the main capability is that it provides 25% more torque at lower speeds than the V3. Other major hardware changes are the use of the latest 130mm 1,300lb shock CNC kit (normally sold for $350 extra), the latest Samsung 50S high-powered battery pack to have both the high-performance without any range sacrifice that one used to have to make in choosing between the 40Ts & 50Es. Finally, our T4 PROS includes the front/rear handle-kits as ‘standard equipment’.
  • What would be reasons for considering the V3 over the PRO? 
    V3s are in stock, ready to ship. It’s considerably less expensive, not everyone needs/wants the capabilities of the PRO. The V3 also has the choice of tires, the J802/knobby, or CST-1773/hybrid tire. 
  • Is it possible to forego the CNC handle parts to save a bit on the PRO? 
    Yes, if you are not interested in the blue CNC handle parts, let us know & a $100 discount will be applied. 
  • What charger is packaged in the box? 
    A 100.8V/5A that supports auto-switching 110/220V input sources.
  • What is the maximum rate of charge? 
    Both our V3 & PROs contain the higher-power cells, that are rated for a large input current. While at a cell-level, the packs are rated up to charge up 20A, there’s other limitations of the charge-board, wiring & BMS, 15A max is recommended, e.g. a rapid-charger & stock 5A concurrently.  
  • I’m concerned about the shock’s maximum supporting weight. Has this been addressed? 
    The current air shock has rebound & is reputed to support Riders of up to 135kg/300lb limit. The latest 1,300lb coil/spring shock can support loads of up to 330lb. Additionally, the PRO has a separate 900lb coil in the box, for lighter Riders, or those who prefer a plushier ride that the lighter spring offers.   
  • If I wish to fit a different tire, are all 16×3″ tires compatible with the T4/PRO? 
    Yes, all these motors have a standardized rim of 3.0/12″ & there’s plenty of clearance between the frame assembly & tire. 
  • How water-resistant if the T4? 
    While Begode does not conduct IP x testing on their Wheel, based on statistical data over the past year, the probability of water percolating down into the sensitive controller area is low. Nevertheless, no Wheel should be kept outdoors, exposed to the elements & try abstain from riding in a heavy downpour. Bearings are susceptible to corrosion/wear from riding in a saline environment, despite the bearing seals. 
  • Will a high-torque/high-speed motor option be offered?
    Begode has developed the T4 motor unit in-house that combines both high-torque & a ‘no-load’ rotational speed of 78KPH/48.5MPH—Please note that th