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Veteran Sherman-S, 3,600WH Battery, 3,000W Motor, Suspension


Available on backorder

  • Next ETA late February
  • Bonus Powerpads & $150 discount, included in $3,999 price
  • Battery Pack: 3,600WH battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells
  • Motor: 3,000W high-torque motor [7KW peak]
  • Top Speed: 46-50 MPH (high-speed mode)
  • Freespin: No-load max rotational speed of 64MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Controller: 24xMOSFETs with 680A peak load! 
  • Suspension: Adjustable hydraulic suspension shock system with a rebound of up to 90mm of travel. Three suspension choices based on payload.
  • Features: Upgraded look and feel, more robust body chassis, integrated seat, fender & more





cruising speed cruising speed 50 mph
weight weight 96 lbs.
charge time charge time 8+ hrs
max load max load 265 lbs.
max load battery capacity 3,600WH
max load Range 100+ miles (Cruising @ 25MPH)

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle

The Best Long-Range, All-Terrain Electric Unicycle

Leaperkim, a premium electric vehicle company based in Guangzhou, China, manufactures the Veteran Sherman-S, a 100V mid-mounted suspension electric unicycle. The Sherman S is one of our best-selling long-range wheels, with a high torque 7KW-max motor, 3,600WH Samsung cells, and Fastace hydraulic suspension. The first and 2nd batch has sold out, and the third batch will arrive soon. Preorder now for April delivery.

  • Best-selling long-range suspension wheel
  • Top-rated 100V high-torque performance wheel
  • Battle tank design and features that make it a powerful all-terrain vehicle for short and long distances
Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle - side panels

Leaperkim’s Flagship Extreme Performance Wheel

The world’s best wheel is only getting better. When Leaperkim first released the Sherman OG, its first pass at the world’s fastest wheel changed the EUC industry immediately. Until Leaperkim, no company had created such a powerful, fast, durable, dependable electric unicycle.

The Sherman was so famous that our inventory was constantly sold out, making it one of the most sought-after wheels in EUC history. The Sherman-S pushes further limits in its third form with its 7KW high-torque motor, long-range 3,600WH Samsung 50E battery pack, 24xMOSFET (680A peak) drivetrain, and full suspension co-designed by Fastace.

The community has spoken: the Sherman-S is the top contender for 2023’s best wheel, owing to its heavy-duty construction, innovative amenities, and plush 90mm travel suspension. The Sherman-S was designed with long-distance, high-speed riders in mind and torque-hungry enthusiasts looking for the best quality and value for their hard-earned money.

Power: 3,000W HT 3,000W HT 2,800W HT
Speed: 50 mph 50 mph 45+ mph
Range: 70+ miles 100+ miles 100+ miles
Battery: 2,220WH 3,600WH 3,600WH
Weight: 89 lbs. 96 lbs. 86 lbs.
Price: $3,099 $4,150 $3,490
Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle - tires


High Torque Motor

As the technology for lithium batteries and BLDC motors improves, the industry makes more robust and faster wheels than anyone could have imagined. For those seeking power and range, Leaperkim has fitted the Sherman-S with some of the top-performance components on the market. The SS is powered by a 3KW high-torque motor that can output 7KW power, taking the boldest of EUC riders past 46+ mph on a full charge.

Leaperkim made plenty of improvements over the original OG drivetrain by providing the SS with more robust, more comprehensive, and lighter magnesium alloy rims, improved phase wiring mounting, and 24 x 125V MOSFETs to handle larger payloads, all on top of a 3,600WH battery pack to provide plenty of high speed and long-range riding throughout the work week commute and long weekend adventure rides. 

  • 3KW/7KW high torque motor for improved off-the-line acceleration and hill climbing
  • High torque motor paired with suspension allows for easy mounting and quick acceleration.
  • High-speed mode rated top speed up to 50 MPH and 20-40 cruising speeds are the sweet spot for most Sherman riders.
  • Rims are reinforced and strengthened for motor protection, off-roading, and higher payloads.
  • A magnesium alloy is used on wheels to reduce weight and increase durability.
  • To improve conductivity, controllers employ phase wire copper mounts, 2x power sources for current, independent communication and driver boards, and 24xMOSFETS capable of handling 680A peak payloads.

Leaperkim Veteran Sherman-S, Suspension- Technical Overview, 1 Leaperkim Veteran Sherman-S, Suspension- Technical Overview, 2

Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle - lasers

Battery Pack

100V 3,600WH Samsung 50E

The Sherman’s large battery pack can be used for work and pleasure, going fast for long distances. We are frequently asked how many real-world miles our machines can provide, and the Sherman-S can provide up to 90 miles of exciting real-world range on a single charge. The Sherman’s capacity and output depend on how the road is, how much it’s carrying, what mode it’s in, and how fast it’s going on average. The 3,600WH battery pack in the SS should provide more than enough range for any adult looking to work throughout the workweek.

The advantages of having such a large battery pack include less recharging time, extended power for high-speed riding, and extended capacity for long-range group rides. Many customers drive their Shermans to work, and some even use them for long-distance service work that necessitates the most massive batteries for covering large cities.

  • High-quality Samsung 21700 50E cells
  • Samsung 50E features higher density, higher discharge, and lower internal resistance than standard electric unicycle battery pack cells.
  • BMS features low voltage protection and tilt back
  • Dual power wire sources to control boards for cut-out protection
  • Fantastic wheel for commuting, weekend group rides, and casual riding
  • Long-range batteries allow owners to charge less frequently while maintaining higher speeds and range on more challenging routes.
  • Fast chargers are available.
  • Knobby tires, range, and suspension provide ideal conditions for rough terrain.
  • Our customers praise the suspension, build quality, and capacity of the Sherman-S.
Veteran Sherman-S Electric Unicycle - side cover


Fastace Mid-mount Suspension 90MM
The SS may be the plushest one-wheel electric vehicle ride to date. When the Sherman-S was first introduced, some riders in the community or skeptics of it opposed the mid-mounted suspension approach. After our first batch was sold out, the EUC community could all agree that the Sherman-S has the most innovative and most comfortable suspension system to date. Unlike other companies in the industry, Leaperkim chose to work with Fastace to create a suspension system for their franchise that was unique to them.

The mid-mounted hydraulic system uses ideas from the mountain bike industry. It dampens like a fork and has a range of up to 90mm and a pretension adjustment of 12mm. The hydraulic system is a huge step away from the air and coil options on the market. The feedback from the community is that this system is superior in ride comfort over the roughest terrain.

  • 58 lbs. Options: for riders weighing up to 200 lbs.
  • 62 lbs. Options: for riders weighing over 200 lbs.
  • 66 lbs. Options: for riders weighing over 250 lbs.
  • The highest caliber mid-mount system is preferred over existing coil and air suspension options.
  • Fastace and Leaperkim collaborated to create their proprietary system, drawing inspiration from the mountain biking industry.
  • The suspension provides 90mm of travel range and 12mm of pretension adjustment.
  • The Sherman and Patton are equipped to have some of the best and smoothest ride quality available.